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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hey Brad welcome to the forum, there are a good group of Polish collectors here who should be able to help you out.

    If you don't get much response from this post, you might want to start a new thread with your questions.

    It's always great to have more Canadians Here! Good luck in all your collecting.
    Cheers Chris

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely start a new one if someone can't help me here, however Andrzej seems to have this thread on lock down for responses and finding the info I'm looking for! So hopefully he pulls through again!

    And apologies everyone for why all my pictures are sideways...they are right side up on my computer files and for what ever reason uploaded this way. If anyone has any suggestions on how the hell to get them upright, I am all ears!

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    Hello Brad,

    May I also welcome you to the Forum, with regards to your Post, I hope you do not mind me placing your photographs the correct way up
    for all the Forum members to view.

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino Cross obverse

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino Cross reverse Numbered 18726

    Monte Cassino cross

    KW (Cross of Valour) Obverse, the ribbon has been attached the wrong way round

    With regards to the recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross numbered 18726 when awarded the recipients details were as follows:

    Rank : Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname : Hołowiński

    Fathers Name : Franciszek

    Christian Name : Ludwik

    Date of Birth : 1914

    Army Number (also found on His ID Tags) : 1914-52-III

    Unit : 17 Baon Strzelec, 5KDP

    Monte Cassino Cross Awarded Numbered : 18726

    The only other information that I was able to glean from the internet was that he was a member of the Polish Combatants Association of Canada Branch Number 7 in Montreal.

    That is all that I have been able to find for you Brad, I sincerely hope that it is of some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


    p.s. my bill is in the post

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    Hello again Brad,

    I have also taken the opportunity to rotate your other photographs for you

    Monte Cassino cross

    KW (Cross of Valour) reverse

    Monte Cassino cross

    Cap Badge obverse

    I hope that the above images are helpful for you Brad

    I replied to your post as soon as I found it, I was working on another post at the time, I can assure you that I do not have this section on the Monte Cassino Cross on Lock Down. I will help any Forum member who has a Monte Cassino Cross in their collection as you can tell from the responses I have received.

    Once again welcome to the Forum Brad.

    Best wishes


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    That has been phenomenal help! And in such a short period of time! Thank you!

    As well, thank you for rectifying my pictures!

    I found a link on Wikipedia of those who had been awarded the Cross of Valour (Which I have sorted out the ribbon, thank you). And there is a list of 238 people who were awarded the Cross. Is there any official record (not Wikipedia?), I can search to see if he was awarded both medals? I only ask this as I am trying to figure out if Hołowiński was awarded this medal as well, or if it somehow came into his possession after the fact, or if the two medals were married up somewhere in the years gone by.

    Again, thank you so much for all the help!



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    Hello Brad,

    Many thanks for your reply, if Hołowiński was awarded the Krzyż Walecznych (Cross of Valour 1939-1945), the only places that have those records are the British Ministry of Defence (who will only divulge information to next of kin and they charge £30 and the Polish Institute and General Sikorski Museum (PISM) in London. They do charge £25 for a 2 hour search with no guarantee of finding anything. The Cross of Valour recommendations are held by the PISM in their Archives it might be easier to post a request on the Forum to see if any members are in or around London who are going to the PISM either for research or to view the museum, who would be willing to help you.

    Unfortunately ill health keeps me housebound now days, I used to travel to London 3-4 times a year nearly 20 years ago.

    Do not give up hope that the 2 medals are connected you also need a Medal Wojska (Army Medal), the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division Badge, plus his British awards : 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Andrzejku,
    I hope you are having a good summer.
    I am looking for information on crosses number: 14822, 15367 and 26875. Also, could you please check if Reinhold Krupa or Eugeniusz Laskowski were recipients of the MCC.
    Thanks so much.
    Kind regards and best wishes. Hope you health gets better,
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    Hello ProPatria:
    Basic information:nr MCC,rank,unit,army number.
    MCC 14822or.-(porucznik):Toporowski Franciszek Józef,Kwatera Główna 5 KDP,1906-63-III.
    MCC 15367:strz.Teter Jan Wojciech,Kwatera Główna 5 Wileńskiej Brygady Piechoty,1915-87-III.
    MCC 26875:szer.Kalwiński Stanisław,6 kompania sanitarna,5KDP,1904-173-III.
    Best wishes
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

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    Hello Peter,

    With reference to your Grandfather Mieczysław Dyko, I have looked through records and the internet and found the following, when the Monte Cassino Cross was awarded his details were as follows:

    Rank : Kapral (Corporal)

    Surname: Dyko

    Christian Name : Mieczysław

    Date of Birth : 1915

    Army Number : (also found on His ID tags) : 1915-105-III

    Unit : 9 wysunięty szwadron dostawy czołgów (9th Forward Tank Replacement Squadron) under the command of Mjr (later Pplk) Włodzimierz Samira.

    After the end of the war your Grandfather came to the UK were in died in 1970 and is in the Acklam Cemetery, Middlesborough (Teeside Crematorium)

    Would I be correct in saying that he lived in Head Street in Middlesborough.

    With regards to finding further information you would need to apply to the British Ministry of Defence for his service record they do charge for this service £30 and you would need to provide the relevant photocopied ID as per their website the link is below:

    Best wishes


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    Wow! Thank you for the information, you are correct about his last home he had, Head St, Middlesbrough, now demolished, I'll gladly post the couple of photos I have.

    Kind regards


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