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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello Tessa,

    Many thanks for your post re: Sergiusz, this does list him as being at Monte Cassino, I have checked through all the records including duplicated awards and awards stripped from recipients due to desertion he is not listed,

    Tessa if you notice on section 20 Awards, the following are listed:

    1) British 1939-1945 Star

    2) British Italy Star

    3) Polish Army Medal

    4) Polish Cross of Valour

    5) British 1939-1945 War Medal

    6) British Defence Medal

    But the stamp of the 4th November 1949 shows only 2 Stars and I medal issued. This was due to the fact that if awarded the Army Medal one could not receive the British War Medal. Although some did due to their length of service.

    Could it be that Sergiusz served using a pseudonym ?

    The only other reason is that he was just missed of the List for some reason.

    I am scratching my head trying to think of why.

    I have searched through all the Recipients list for the Monte Cassino Cross with no luck in finding listed or any one with the service Number: 65377.

    Best wishes


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    Hello DEAR Andrzejku
    The only solution is to check the Regimental Chronicle and the Daily Orders Book-Rozkazy Dzienne of the unit or units in which it served. For me, this is unfeasible ...

    Best wishes


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    Thank you so much Artur, i really appreciate that and thank you so much Andrzej for taking the time to search for me, i really appreciate it. Sergiusz never went by any other name that i know of. English people sometimes spelt his first name Sergie but i dont think that would of made a difference. Can i ask you to check another page of dates incase there is something written there?ill try attaching it to this message. Thank you so much again both of you, I will contact the MOD tomorrow and ask more questions
    Attached Images Attached Images Monte Cassino cross 

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    To Artur, i have found a 2. dyscyplinarne: in the army book, am i able to upload it to your inbox? just i dont know how offensive it could be lol, bit worried what could be written on there
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

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    Default Zeszyt Ewidencyjny.

    Hello Tessa
    The pages that I have:

    Monte Cassino cross
    I: Military specialty and knowledge of the weapon system.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Ia: Functions.
    II. The size of a gas mask.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XIV.A description of the person.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XV.Results of collection. Military category. Poland, France. Britain.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XVI. The course of military service.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XVII: Military schools and courses.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XIX: Stay on the front, participate in battles.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XX.Awards and praise.Date.Award.Order of formation.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XXI: Badges/shooting marks and grenadiers.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XXII: Health condition. Protective attachments. A group of blood.
    Look at Roman numbers.


    Best wishes


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    Default Zeszyt Ewidencyjny c.d.

    And that's what I have from the pages of soldier notebook.

    Monte Cassino cross
    XXVI: Other unforeseen changes.
    Monte Cassino cross
    XXVII: General qualifications: Opinion of the subordinate commander.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Appendix: Declaration, submission of a military oath by a soldier.
    I state with my own signature that I have lodged a military service in the Polish Army on ... that the oath is known to me and that I have taken note of the duties arising from the fact of taking a military oath.MP, on ... signature ...
    Printing: 856/6 / G.H.Q.P. / 70,000 / 5-42.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Artur thank you for replying, thank you for explaining what each one means - I had no idea. I was previously referring to XXIV number 2 but I think it’s just intoxication and after Monte Cassino, there is stuff written on XXV and I think I attached an image of XVI No5.
    So puzzled to why Sergiusz didn’t receive his Monte Cassino medal! If the MOD presented it to him in later years, would the MOD write it in the army book??
    Thank you again 😊
    Kind regards,Tessa

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    Hello Tessa
    I will tell you your card about Sergiusz's units...tomorrow.
    This is not a literal translation and may contain language errors.
    They should find in daily orders they are in PISM.

    Seasons Greetings to You


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    Hello Andrzejku!
    Do you know anything about these soldiers:
    mjr./ppłk. dypl. Wacław Jacyna
    mjr. Jan Dragan
    kpt./mjr. Klemens Kowalczyński
    p.o. mjr. dypl. Edmund Różycki
    p.o. kpt. Alfred Kolator
    ppłk. dypl. Olgierd Jaskold-Gabszewicz
    mjr Józef Ćwiąkalski
    mjr. Jerzy Gędzierski
    mjr. Ludwik Ziobrowski
    por. Mieczysław Poseł
    ppor. Marek Bieniasz
    ppor. Antoni Giermek
    por. Stanisław Sienkiewicz
    por. Hubert Janiewicz
    por. Ryszard Alwingier
    p.o. ppor. Stanisław Niklewski
    ppor. Romuald Bilek
    por. Feliks Chlebowski
    kpt. Franciszek Malik
    por. Franciszek Olkowski

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    Hello andrzejku98,
    I saw you used my photos of ppor Frank LAchcik from 14 batalion Strzelców, called "Żbiki". He was a very far cousin of my grandmother from Swilcza near RZeszow. There was an article about Franciszek LAchcik in Swilcza's Newspaper. The article is available here:
    I try to collect as mamy information about him as I can. Would you be so kind to help me? I got 3docs from IPMS about circumstances of Frank's death and also IPMS gave to CAW docs about things, given to Frank's wife after hid death.
    But I have no document about his Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross nr 16206, do you have possibility to get one? I will be very grateful.
    He had no children, I tried to find his wife in Palestine, but each Jewish archives and Institutions said nothing about her, no traces.
    Am I able to get any docs from Ministry of Defence If I am not a direct relative?
    Best regards

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