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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

  1. #1941


    Hello Tessa
    Part 1:
    Date to specify change. Branch order.
    March 23, 1942: Assigned to the first battery.
    8 March 1943: Moved to the Assault Center and assigned to the anti-tank Squadron. Order OZArt 57/43
    May 1, 1943: Artillery Supply Center renamed the artillery backup regiment. OZart order number 1/43
    May 7, 1943: He left for the military hospital number 3 for treatment. Order of the Artillery Regiment No. 6/43.
    22 June 1943: he returned from the military hospital number 3. The command. The artillery replacement zone number A? 44/43. The letters before the number can not be read.Unit:The Artillery Reserve Regiment.
    August 14, 1943: Sentenced to a five-week car course at the 7th supply company. Order of the Artillery Regiment of the 7th Division A? 80/43.
    September 25, 1943: He returned from dissembling automobile drivers. Order of the Artillery Regiment 7th Division number 119/43.
    29 May 1944: Sworn in. 7 Mixed Artillery Regiment. Order 111? / 44.
    Had he just made a military oath? Strange ...
    June 5, 1944: Moved in all respects to the 5th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment. Order 7 mixed artillery regiment number 116/44.
    Commander of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel PASTERNAK


    Best wishes


  2. #1942


    Hello Tesssa
    7 June 1944: He applied to the 18th Lviv Rifle Battalion and assigned to the 4th company. 18 BS order number 99/44.
    18 BS-18 Lviv battalion rifles.
    May 23, 1945: He went to the war hospital-sick. The study 18 BS number 111/45.
    May 23, 1945: transferred to the convention station. Order 18 BS number 111/45.
    Head of KDP Records Team 5, Lieutenant W.ZAJĄCZKOWSKI.
    May 28, 1945: Recorded to 18 Lwow BS. The Zborne Station Order, deputy rotmistrz cavalry/captain STRICKER Karol, signature.
    May 28, 1945: He applied in 18 BS, assigned to the 4th company. Command 18 BS number 115/45.
    May 31, 1945: Motorist Brigade of the 6th Lviv Infantry Brigade at the 16th Lviv Battalion of Rifles on the course of the car. Order 18 BS number 117/45.
    August 4, 1945: He returned to 18 BS and was assigned to the 4th company. Order 18 BS number 170/45.
    May 22, 1946: He left for a wartime hospital number 3. 18 BS number 117/46.
    May 30, 1946: He returned to 18 BS and assigned to the 4th company. Order 18 BS number 127/46?
    September 28, 1946: He came to Great Britain. Order No. 18 BS number 218/46.
    January 11, 1947. He reached the Polish Corps of Preparation and Deployment. Polish rank paid on the day of joining PKPR - Order 18 BS number 5/47.
    Commander 18 BS: Colonel FLORKOWSKI Alexander, signature.

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help to you Tessa.

    Best wishes


  3. #1943


    Greetings Andrzejku and Wisnia,

    Iíve been asked for the name of the recipient of number 98. May I impose on one of you to check the list for me?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

  4. #1944


    Hello Tony,

    Hope you are alright, the MCC Nr: 98 was awarded to the following Recipient:

    Rank: Rotmistrz

    Surname: Woliński

    Christian Name: Franciszek

    Date of Birth: 19th September 1901

    Army Nr: 02086

    Unit: HQ 2nd Corps Staff

    Pre war 1932 Officers Yearbook has him as a Porucznik with 2PSK.

    Best wishes


  5. #1945


    Hello Andrzejku98 and Wisnia,
    more details about ppor Frank Lachcik:-The full article in Trzcionka:
    The article is on page49.
    There are more photos of Frank LAchcik if someone is interested.
    I will be very grateful anyone who can help me to find more information, photos or docs.
    best regards

    - - ------- - -


  6. #1946


    I cannot attach a link to the article,and I do not know why

  7. #1947

    Default The link to the article about Frank Lachcik

  8. #1948


    Hello Kasia
    There is no problem to read.

    Seasons Greetings to YOU


  9. #1949


    Hello Kasia,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, check your Private Messages top of the page, the link works alright the article on Franciszek starts on page: 49.

    Best wishes


  10. #1950



    Could you provide information on how to use the PISM reading room in London today and what they provide?
    Is it possible to write to PISM and to whom? In what Polish, English?


    Best wishes


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