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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Unfortunately, we don't have any data, expect the photos and the data given earlier Everything went missing after Henryk's death. Do you know where we can find more informations about him?

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    Hello Jacek,

    Many thanks for your post, the best place to try would be the British Ministry of Defence, unfortunately they do charge for the service, but please ensure to ask for copies of all information that they hold. Otherwise you will receive a brief letter outlining his service, Fathers Name, Mothers Name, Place and date of birth etc. which normally amounts to either 1 or 2 pages of type written details.

    The above web page gives all the details of what they need they charge £30.00p and list the photocopies of documents that they require.

    Best of luck Jacek

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


    p.s. the PISM in London, charges £25.00p for up to 2 hours research with no guarantee of finding anything there web page is below:

    IPMS - Archiwum - Kwerendy

    IPMS - Archiwum - Badania Rodzinne

    The above link shows the address details


    The PISM links are there for you Jacek if you wish to know details of the Medal Wojska and the award of the KW.

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    Hello, Andrzej.

    Kozakiewicz Eugeniusz. 19.11.1908 and Chwesiuk Nikita s. Tymoteusza 20.05.1910

    Do You have information about the awarding of the MCC to these soldiers?


    Best regards.

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    Hello Submariner,

    Major Eugeniusz Kozakiewicz, Born 1908, Army Nr : 1908-305-III, Unit : 9th Signals Company, Monte Cassino Cross Nr : 30996, Died in London in 1992.

    Plut. Nikita Chwesiuk, Born 1910, Army Nr : 1910-8-III, Unit : 4BSK, Monte Cassino Cross Nr : 3617, By the end of the war Sierzant with KW.

    That is all that I have been able to find for you.

    Best wishes


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    Hello DEAR Andrzejku

    Is it possible to provide what happened to these officers after the completion of combat operations and the PKRP solution.-PRC & ATS PRS.
    The prepared notes will not be included in any book study, but only to clarify the further fate of these brave soldiers. Are there any photos from cemeteries available?What army number?They were awarded MCC?

    1.Lt.col.JACYNA Wacław,born 1898,After the war and demobilization,he went to Argentina. In 1964 he was appointed by the Supreme Commander to the rank of Brigadier General. On August 13, 1973, he was appointed a delegate of the Polish government in exile to Argentina with the title of Minister Plenipotentiary and held this office in the 1970s.

    2.Mjr DRAGAN Jan,commander 13th BS,11th BS and 66th BS.

    3.Mjr KOWALCZYŃSKI Klemens,Virtuti Militari c.V i IV, KW,commander 13 BS,5th October 1944 to 18th June 1945.

    4.Mjr RÓŻYCKI Edmund,deputy commander of the 13 th BS,18 th October 1944 to 5th December 1944.

    5.Cpt.Kalator Alfred Franciszek,commander 3th company 13 th BS,deputy commander of the 13th BS from 15th September 1944.Army number:1902-285-III,born 1902,MCC number 15474,also awarded VM c.V,KW,CMwS.



    Best wishes


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    Czesc Wisnia,
    Czy nie chcialbys odsprzedac grupy Pana Matusika?

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    Would you be able to give me some information regarding recipients of MCCs number 27549 and 32430?

    Best wishes,

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    Hello ProPatria

    For now I will not sell, it's my relics ... I'm completing the next groups.
    Matusik had a badge SBSK, sold for about 800 PLN. As I ask you, I will call it ...
    I checked here:


    There are no Matusik files.

    Best wishes


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    Hello ProPatria:

    In my list the last described cross has a number 27539,first letter surname:S,unit:6 supply company,5 KDP.
    MCC number 32430 was awarded to:
    Army number:1908-158-III
    Unit:7 PAK,Gr Art 2KP

    Best wishes


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    Hello ProPatria,

    Many thanks for your post regarding the 2 Monte Cassino Cross's Nr: 27549 & 32430 when awarded the recipients details were as follows:

    1) MCC 27549 : Rank : St Strz. (Lance Corporal) Surname : Trybala , Christian Name : Jan, Date of Birth : 1909, Army Nr : 1909-63-III, Unit : 6KZaopat.

    2) MCC 32430 : Rank : Kapral, Surname : Bialowas, Christian Name : Jan, Date of Birth : 1908, Army Nr : 1908-158-III, Unit 7PAK

    Best wishes


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