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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Monte Cassino cross

    MCC#3834 Kanonier Witold Dłubak, 3rd PAL 3.DSK. Died in Kielce, Poland in 1997.

    Monte Cassino cross

    MCC#1332 Porucznik Jan Gic, SBSK, 2nd Baon 3.DSK. Died in Gniezno, Poland in 1998.

    At this point of time that's everything but I will post more faces of MCC recipients when I am able to get the photos.


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    Default Not a face but...

    I believe Andrzejku will post a photo of the recipient

    Monte Cassino cross

    MCC#47395 Plutonowy Tomasz Melka, 12th Geographic Company 2nd Polish Corps.


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    Hello Kosa

    As requested photograph of Plutowny Tomasz Melka

    Monte Cassino cross

    Best wishes


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    Andrzejku, thank you very much!


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    Hello Everyone,

    Mark has sent me the following email, which I decided to answer on the Forum's site rather than send a private email.

    Hi Pan Andrzej,

    I’m afraid I’m going to be troubling you with a few questions over the next few days, but I am appealing to your generosity and spirit of altruism as it is in a good cause. I was thinking last night and realized that the people who contact me for information do not need to know the recipients names… since they are family members and the recipients are their fathers/grandfathers/uncles etc. What they need to be able to carry out their research is the unit.

    A couple of questions about the 2 Brygada Pancerna starting with Colonel Wladyslaw Bobinski MCC28751 and finishing at 32269. I have the records of the first 45 crosses as HQ 2BP down to 28796 Bulka Miron and then I have a gap - my next record is 28992 Por. Mieczyslaw Bialkiewicz of 4PPanc 2BP.

    So question No1 – where does HQ end and where does 4PPanc begin and end? I also fairly sure there is another Company sized unit before we get to the 6PPanc.

    Question No2 - MCC30359 Pplk. Feliks Motyka was CO of 6PPanc 2BP Dzieci Lwowskich so does his regiment start with him? If there were about 630 men in the regiment then there must be another Company sized unit from around 30988 to 31188 Not sure about these numbers. Any ideas?

    From 31189 to 31385… thats a group of 197 crosses (I’m pretty sure of the numbers) What unit were they?

    I know 31386 to 31780 were the 395 crosses of 9 Komp Zaop. [9 Supply Coy.]

    From there, 31781 onwards there are 489 crosses which I’m guessing are all of the other little units of the brigade including the 6 Field Court at 32259. Any other units worth mentioning?

    I hope this is not too much trouble. If you have the list as a searchable index then I hope this does not present too many difficulties. When someone emails me and says they have found their grandfather’s cross with this number on the back it would be nice to be able to tell them where he served and what he did. We do direct them to the Polish Army Records Section in Northolt but what they get can seem sterile to some.

    Best regards, Mark Ostrowski

    In answer to Marks Questions on the distribution of the Monte Cassino Crosses to the 2nd Armoured Brigade, details are as follows:

    MCC Nr: 28751 Plk Wladyslaw Bobinski to MCC Nr: 28975 Strz. Tadeusz Zielinski KG2BP

    MCC Nr: 28976 Strz, Franciszek Listwan to MCC Nr: 28987 Kan. Ludwik Makowski Przykomenderowani

    MCC Nr: 28988 Kapral.sp. Robert Matuszek KG2BP.

    MCC Nr: 28989 Ppor Jerzy Adlerstein to MCC Nr: 29672 Kapral.sp. Michal Wozniak P4Panc

    MCC Nr: 29673 Ks.Kapel Andrzej Busiuk to MCC: 30328 St.Wachm. Tadeusz Zdrodowski. 1PUK

    MCC Nr: 30329 Por. Ludwik Bilinski to MCC Nr: 30992 Plut.sp. Jerzy Zagorski P6Panc

    MCC Nr: 30993 Ppor Stanislaw Affeltowicz to MCC Nr: 31188 St.Strz. Bogdan Zukowski. 9 Kompanii Lacznosci

    MCC Nr: 31189 Ppor Adolf Bierzynski to MCC Nr: 31385 Strz. Piotr Zur. 9 Lek Kompanii Sanitarnej

    MCC Nr: 31386 Ppor Edward Chylinski to MCC Nr: 31909 Strz. Jozef Zolkowski. z 9 Kompanii Zaopatrywania

    MCC Nr: 31910 Ppor Jerzy Czarnecki to MCC Nr: 32105 Strz Kazimierz Zwierzewicz. z 9 Kompanii Warsztatowej

    MCC Nr: 32106 Ppor Rudolf Brix to MCC Nr: 32246 Strz Piotr Zadlo. z 9 Wysknietego Szwadronu Dostawy Czolgow

    MCC Nr: 32247 Por.aud. Aleksander Malinowski to MCC Nr: 32269 Strz Waclaw Uziemblo. z 6 Sadu Polowego 2 Brygady Pancernej

    I sincerely hope that the above answers all your questions Mark

    Best wishes


    p.s. My Bill is in the Post

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    Monte Cassino cross

    MCC#38416 Ułan Kazimierz Krasulak, Carpathian Lancers Regiment 2nd Polish Corps.


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    Default The middle number...

    Dear Kosa, What you say may well be true. I assumed the same for a long time but... take this example: MCC 31391 por. KOZUB, Wladyslaw 1910/462/III That would mean there were 462 KOZUBs in 2 Polcorps… that is about 1% of all the MC Crosses. That can’t be right. 400 KOWALSKIs – maybe, but Kozub? Take that with MCC31770 sierz.pchr.SZUBERLA, Jan 1913/416/III Now are we saying that we have 878 soldiers with the name Kozub and Szuberla. I don’t have an answer to this by the way, but the numbers must mean something else.

    Best regards, Mark Ostrowski

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    Dear Panie Anrdzejku, Go on... you love the challenge! Your reward will be in heaven!!! May flights of angels... etc etc.
    Seriously, thank you very much. It is indeed very useful.
    One Brigade down... two divisions to go (but I'll leave you alone for a bit to recover).
    Much appreciated and with best regards, Mark

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    Dear Mark,

    The number also means liczba głównej księgi ewidencyjnej /service number records/.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Everyone,

    Some more for you all.

    MCC Nr: 1-13 Senior Officers 2nd Polish Corps

    MCC Nr: 14-750 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff.

    MCC Nr: 48499-48514 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff

    MCC Nr: 48598-48600 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff

    MCC Nr: 48688-48691 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff

    MCC Nr: 48750-48759 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff

    MCC Nr: 43864 awarded to Brigadier Sir E H C Frith

    MCC Nr: 38656 awarded to Plk Henryk Ignacy Szymanski (USA)

    MCC Nr: 47295-47303 Szefostwo Sluzby Geograficznej

    MCC Nr: 47304-47455 12 Kompania Geograficzna

    MCC Nr: 47456-47475 312 Polowa Skladnica Map.

    MCC Nr: 47476-47484. Dodowdztwo Zandarmerii 2 Korpusu.

    MCC Nr: 47485-47648 11 Szwadron Zand.

    MCC Nr: 47649-47659 1 Etapowy Pluton Zand.

    MCC Nr: 47660-47676 2 Etapowy Pluton Zand.

    MCC Nr: 48521-48523 2 Etapowy Pluton Zand.

    MCC Nr: 46516-465227 Szefostwo S.W.N. Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 46528-46693 13 Kompania Warsztatowa

    MCC Nr: 46694-46872 15 Kompania Warsztatowa

    MCC Nr: 46873-47123 35 Kompania Warsztatowa

    MCC Nr: 47124-47127 Warsztat Uzbrojenia Korpusu.

    MCC Nr: 47128-47294 36 Kompania Ratownicza

    MCC Nr: 38084-38760 Pulk Ulanow Karpackich

    MCC Nr: 48693 Pulk Ulanow Karpackich.

    That's all for now

    Best wishes


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