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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Name:  ML.jpg
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    MCC#34661 Bombardier Marian Lemieszek, 11th Heavy Artillery Regiment, 2nd Polish Corps Artillery Group. Died in Biecz, Lubuskie District, Poland in 2002.

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    Panie Andrzejku,

    Another brilliant list - much appreciated. I shall be translating these for the "Polishly challenged".

    Regards, Mark OSTRO

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    Name:  Antoni Ziarno.jpg
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    MCC#23624 Podporucznik Antoni Ziarno, 15th Poznański Lancers Regiment 5.KDP.

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    Andrzejkus' lists in order with the English (plus a couple of very humble additions):

    1-13 Senior Officers 2nd Polish Corps.
    14-750 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    28751-28975 Headquarters 2nd ‘Warsaw’ Armoured Brigade
    28976-28987 On detachment to 2nd Armoured Brigade
    28988 Headquarters 2nd ‘Warsaw’ Armoured Brigade
    28989-29672 4th ‘Skorpion’ Armoured Regiment
    29673-30328 1st ‘Krechowiecki’ Lancer Regiment
    30329-30992 6th ‘Children of Lwów’ Armoured Regiment
    30993-31188 9 Signals Company
    31189-31385 9 Light Sanitary (Medical) Company
    31386-31909 9 Supply Company
    31910-32105 9 Workshop Company [EME Coy.]
    32106-32246 9 Forward Tank Replacement Squadron [Coy.]
    32247-32269 6 Field Court
    38084-38760 Carpathian Lancer Regiment
    38656 awarded to Colonel Henryk Ignacy Szymanski (USA) Any ideas?
    41616-41703 5 Casualty Clearing Station [Sanitary Osrodek Ewakuacijny]
    43513-43520 Field Biological and Chemical Laboratory
    43864 awarded to Brigadier Sir E H C Frith (UK) C.O. 26 British Liaison Unit
    46270-46377 350 Material Company
    46516-465227 Heads of Corps Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service (Literally “Workshop and Repair Service”)
    46528-46693 13 Workshop Company [EME Coy.]
    46694-46872 15 Workshop Company [EME Coy.]
    46873-47123 35 Workshop Company [EME Coy.]
    47124-47127 Corps Ordinance Workshop
    47128-47294 36 Rescue Company
    47295-47303 Heads of Geographical Services
    47304-47455 12 Geographical Company
    47456-47475 312 Field Map Store
    47476-47484 Command 2 Corps Provost (Military Police)
    47485-47648 11 Provost (Military Police) Squadron [Coy.]
    47649-47659 1 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’(under strength unit with nominal senior designation)
    47660-47676 2 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’
    48499-48514 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48506-48514 Cipher Office and Radio Station
    48521-48523 2 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’
    48554-48580 Arial Photographic Interpretation Section
    48598-48600 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48688-48691 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48693 Carpathian Lancer Regiment
    48750-48759 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff

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    48408 - 48498 Independent Commando Company

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    That middle number again!
    Sometimes it just takes one tiny piece of information to let things fall into place. I wrote the other day that my granddad’s Army Number in his AB64 was: 35/0/1909/III and I had no idea what the 0 meant. I was looking through some scans of other AB64s and saw a 26/G... which got me thinking – perhaps it wasn’t an 0 (zero) but an O (the letter). I think I’ve found the answer to the Army Number question... Franciszek Ostrowski was the 35th soldier to be recorded at KU3 with a surname starting in O who was born in 1909. The same unit by coincidence had another Franciszek Ostrowski who was born in 1901. He was the 5th “O” born in that year to be recorded as he is 1901/5/III. I may be wrong, but if there are two soldiers with surnames beginning with the same letter, born in the same year and with the same middle number I will be very surprised. As a system it works well. You could write about a soldier without using his name: 151 S 1905.
    Best regards, Ostro

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    Hello Everyone,

    Some more Faces of Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Por Mieczyslaw Bialkiewicz MCC 28992 on his M4 Sherman Named Piesc II.jpg 
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Size:	137.3 KB 
ID:	683975

    Porucznik Mieczyslaw Bialkiewicz MCC 28992 (Although shown previously on this thread, it is the Scorpian Detail on the Side of the Turret that I thought you might like to view).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kpr Czeslaw Zarnowiecki MCC 29652.jpg 
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Size:	132.3 KB 
ID:	683976

    Kapral Czeslaw Zarnowiecki MCC 29652

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ppor Aleksander Sredicki MCC 30881.jpg 
Views:	184 
Size:	110.5 KB 
ID:	683977

    Sierzant.pch. (later Podporucznik) Aleksander Sredicki MCC 30881

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ppor Zdzislaw Starostecki MCC 29538.jpg 
Views:	175 
Size:	114.7 KB 
ID:	683978

    Kapral.pch. (later Podporucznik) Zdzislaw Starostecki MCC 29538

    Click on the Photographs to enlarge.

    Best wishes


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    Panie Andzrejku,

    Just as an example of the kind of queries I get, a gentlemen has contacted me about his grandfather and great uncle. He has a cross – he should have two, but he would like to know to whom does the cross he have belong. And what is the number of his lost cross and what unit it was from. I quote:
    ...Further to our correspondence yesterday the number on the Monte Cassino Cross belonging to either my grandfather (Jan Kubinski) or his brother (Andrzej Kubinski) is 20213. I would love to hear anything that you can tell me about it.
    Any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated. Beyond the fact that the unit concerned is the 4 PAL (Light Artillery Regiment)of the 5KDP I have reached my limit of information. Would there be any chance of tracing the number/unit of the missing Cross for him. We try to help in any way we can so for whatever you can do, thank you in advance.

    Best regards, Mark OSTRO

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    Hello Mark,

    With regards to your request for information on the KUBINSKI Brothers, please find the following information on them:

    1) Kapral Andrzej KUBINSKI, Born: 1909, Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1909-265-III, Unit: 4PAL awarded MCC Nr: 201213

    2) Strzelec (Rifleman) Jan KUBINSKI, Born: 1903, Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1903-141-III, Unit: 15th Rifle Battalion, 5KDP, awarded MCC Nr: 17256.

    They both survived the war, as there is no records of their deaths whilst serving, I have also checked the Index of Victims of Soviet Repression also with no luck.

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Everyone,

    Some more Facesa of Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bomb Michal Karpa MCC 6603.jpg 
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Size:	72.2 KB 
ID:	684442

    Bombadier Michal Karpa MCC 6603

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MCC Legit nr 6603.jpg 
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Size:	239.9 KB 
ID:	684444

    Legitymacja for MCC 6603

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bomb pch Jan Garlicki MCC 32557 (later Ppor).jpg 
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Size:	122.6 KB 
ID:	684445

    Bombadier pch. (Later Podporucznik) Jan Garlicki MCC 32557

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kan Marian Magierski MCC 8612.jpg 
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Size:	113.2 KB 
ID:	684446

    Kanonier Marian Magierski MCC 8612

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kpr Bronislaw Leduchowicz MCC  46233.jpg 
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Size:	80.3 KB 
ID:	684449

    Kapral Bronislaw Ledochowicz MCC 46233

    Name:  Kpr pch later Ppor Zbigniew Pniewski MCC 1697.jpg
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Size:  38.6 KB

    Podporucznik Zbigniew Pniewski MCC 1697 (Photographed whilst Kapral Pch.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Plut Stanislaw Kacperek MCC 28628.jpg 
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Size:	103.9 KB 
ID:	684458

    Plutowny Stanislaw Kacperek MCC 28628

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Szer Antoni Kulik MCC 41538.jpg 
Views:	147 
Size:	46.1 KB 
ID:	684460

    Szer. Antoni Kulik MCC 41538

    Thats all for know

    Best wishes


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