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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Dziekuje slicznie

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    Quote by tatar4545 View Post
    Hi Andrzej,

    Thank you very much for the information about the soldier. From what I found, Karol Barysz probably died on 7th September 1992 and was buried in Przemyśl (Poland) in graveyard on Juliusza Słowackiego 104 street.
    You can find more details here Cmentarze Przemy
    I have just received the cross MCC 2665. It was delivered from Przemyśl indeed. I attach photos once again.

    Best regards,

    Attachment 1050542
    Attachment 1050543
    Thanks to the family of Karol Barysz, especially Mr. Bartłomiej, I can publish several documents related to the soldier's military service.

    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross

    I greet everyone on the forum.
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    Pictures of Karol Barysz from the Qizil Ribat Jaluala camp from 1942.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross

    Decorations of Karol Barysz (MCC 2664) owned by the family.
    Monte Cassino cross

    Best wishes, Ted

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    Default Mcc 2665

    I just found out that at the auction allegro 30/09/2018 was sold a badge for Tobruk 0396, which was awarded to Karol Barysz.

    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross

    Best wishes, Ted

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    Hello gentlemen. On the Stankiewicz Genealogy page, I found a list of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West who returned to Poland. Below are the soldiers of the 11th squadron of the gendarmerie which I found on this list.

    Balicki Jerzy - - 1914 - st.sierż.pchor. - 11 Szwadron Żandarmerii - - 47596 -
    Bryliński Jan - - 1913 - plutonowy - 11 Szw.Żand. - - 47508 -
    Matys Izydor - - 1900 - - 11 Szw.Żand. - - 47571 -
    Majchrzak Henryk - - 1916 - kapral - 11 Szw.Żandarm. - - -
    Kosieradzki Julian - - 1900 - plutonowy - 11 Szw.Żand. - - -
    Dudziak Kazimierz - - 1918 - kapral - 11 Szw. Żand. - - -
    Piotrowski Lucjan - - 1910 - wachmistrz - 11 Szw. Żand. - - -

    I have questions:
    Are the MCC numbers given well to the surnames?
    do these names without numbers have MCCs?
    Do you have any additional information about these soldiers?

    greetings, tomasz

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    Hello Tomasz

    BALICKI Jerzy;no Żdanowicz List.
    Lp.247.BRYLŃSKI Jan;lived 41-800 Zabrze.died 1997.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Lp.541.DUDZIAK Kazimierz;lived 44-238 Leszczyny.Promoted to the rank plutonowy/L.sgt.Died 1994.
    Lp.1192.KOSIERADZKI Julian;lived Baciki Średnie 17-303 near Siemiatycze,died 1994.Promoted to the rank plutonowy/L.sgt.Died 1994.I used to be in this area. There is also the village of Baciki Dalsze.
    Lp.1555.MAJCHRZAK Henryk;lived 27-630 Zawichost.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Lp.1641.MATYS Izydor;lived 58-526 Świerzawa.Died 1996.
    Lp.2087.PIOTROWSKI Lucjan;lived 10-200 Olsztyn.

    MCC recipients MY List unit 11 Szwadron Żandarmerii:

    Od numeru 47485 do numeru 47648:11 Szwadron Żandarmerii.
    47488or.Czerwiński Jan;
    475(9)06:st.sierż.pchor.Balicki Jerzy :11 szwadron żandamerii.
    47508lut.Bryliński Jan;11 szwadron żandarmerii.LZ
    47519:st.wachm.Dziewit Szczepan;11 szwadron żandarmerii.
    47524lut.Frankowski Kazimierz;11 szwadron żandarmerii.
    47542:wachm.pchor.Kisiel Piotr;11 szwadron żandamerii.LZ
    47544lut.Kuczborski Tadeusz;11 szwadron żandarmerii.1909-140-III.
    47571:?Matys Izydor;11 szwadron żandamerii.LZ
    47599:st.wachm.Stankiewicz Mieczysław; 11 szwadron żandamerii.1894-40-III.
    47608:?Świderek Henryk;11 szwwadron żandarmerii.LZ.Lp.2724.Lived 97-400 Bełchatów.Born 1912.Died 1996.
    47623:?Trela Stanisław;11 szwadron żandarmerii.
    47640:kpr.Zubek Władysław:11 szwadron żandarmerii.all

    Best wishes


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    Artur, You're amazing, thanks a lot

    by the way, do you have any information about the commander of the 11th squadron of the military police captain Mieczyslaw Rój?


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    Hello Tomasz,

    Many thanks for your post, with reference to the following :

    Monte Cassino Cross Nr : 47596 was awarded to Plut. Jerzy Rembowski, 1914-80-III, 11SZ.

    No Listing found for St.Sierz. Pchr. Jerzy Balicki.

    Kapral Izydor Matys, 1900-15-III, MCC Nr : 47571

    Kapral Henryk Majchrzak, 1916-205-III, MCC Nr : 47662 when he served with 2 Etapowy Pluton żand

    With regards to Kapitan Mieczysław Rój, 1906-104-III, MCC Nr : 47486.

    The above are the only ones I was able to find in the Register of Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross Tomasz, I hope that it is on some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


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    Andrzej,thank you very much for your help

    Gentlemen, look what I found about Lucjan Piotrowski. He must have an MCC.

    best wishes
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

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    Hello Tomasz

    Many thanks for your post and the photographs, I have searched through the Register of Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross using the Letter P, there are 4 Recipients listed as being born in 1910 :

    1) Bomb Antoni Piotrowski 5PAL

    2) St. Strz. Bolesław Piotrowski 6KWarszt.

    3) St. Szer. Jan Piotrowski 24KT

    4) Por. Leonard Piotrowski 5BŁącz.

    I have even searched through the Recipients List for Lucjan, there are 7 listed :

    1) St. Sierz. Pyda P4Panc.

    2) Rtm. Pruszyński OLWL.

    3) St.Strz. Podgorski 18BS.

    4) Sierz. Plewiński KG2BP.

    5) St.Strz. Pilarski KGL2BSK

    6) Kan. Pietras 5KPAPL

    7) Ppor. Paff DOZiTran.

    That is all that I was able to find Tomasz, could it be that he served under an assumed different name ?

    Best wishes


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