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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hi Andrzejku,

    I recently signed up to your forum via a link from the Kresy-Siberia Group.

    My father, Jan Fedzin, and his brother Wladyslaw were both recipients of the MCC. I wonder if you have any photos or other information about them in your database. Their details are: Jan Fedzin MCC 31495, 9 Komp. Zaop., and Wladyslaw Fedzin MCC 4274, I Karp. Pulk. Art..

    Although I have my father's MCC and 2 Corps Legitymacja his Cross and other insignia are sadly missing. I managed to obtain MCC 41263 via ebay.

    I also noted on pg. 22 of this thread that someone recently obtained a MCC. Was this bought or applied for through official channels? Uncle Wladyslaw did not claim his medal entiltlement and I managed to obtain his British Medals from the MoD. He was also awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords. Is it possible to apply for his MCC and Cross of Merit through official channels?



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    Hello Ken,

    Welcome to the Forum, please find the answer's to your questions listed below: there where only 2 Fedzin's awarded the Monte Cassino Cross

    1) Strzelec (Rifleman) Jan FEDZIN, Date of Birth 1920, Army Service Number: (also found on his ID Tags): 1920-50-III, when awarded MCC 31495.

    2) Kanonier (Artilleryman) Wladyslaw FEDZIN, Date of Birth 1914, Army Service Number: (also found on his ID Tags): 1914-8--III, when awarded MCC 4274.

    Your Grandfather's Name was Leon, Born in 1871 and your Grandmothers Name was Maria, Born in 1877.

    The Family was deported from Tarnopolskie in February 1940, this information was obtained from the Index of Victims of Soviet Repression, website.

    It might also be the fact that the following might also be Uncles as they list both Leon and Maria as Parents, they are:

    1) Michal, Born 1908

    2) Adam, Born in 1906

    3) Jozef, Born in 1905

    4) Stanislaw, Born in 1922.

    The other Monte Cassino Cross you have obtained was awarded to: Plutowny (Lance Sergeant) Antoni KOWALIK, Born in 1903, Army Service Number: (also found on his ID Tags): 1903-23-III, Unit : 386 Pluton Lacznosci, 2nd Polish Corps.

    With regards to your question about the MCC on page 22, this was privately purchased, unfortunately the MOD would not be able to provide you with the Monte Cassino Cross or the Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords. Because these where awarded by the Polish Government in Exile.

    From time to time the Bronze Cross of Merit comes up for sale on ebay, Allegro etc, but be careful not to purchase a modern day copy, I have placed photographs of the BKZzM made in the Middle East and by Spink and Son in London for you to view.

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    I hope that the above is of some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrzejku, I postponed writing to thank you in the hope that the originator of the query would be in contact but so far I have yet to hear from him. So, on his behalf, may I say a big thank you for your help.
    Best regards, Mark OSTRO

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    Quote by andrzejku98 View Post
    (...)From time to time the Bronze Cross of Merit comes up for sale on ebay, Allegro etc, but be careful not to purchase a modern day copy, I have placed photographs of the BKZzM made in the Middle East and by Spink and Son in London for you to view.(...)
    Another middle eastern example of the Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords on original issue ribbon. A cross cast in Syria: BRĄZOWY KRZYŻ ZASŁUGI Z MIECZAMI

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    Wow Andrzejku, that was a quick reply! I must congratulate you on your speed and access to data. You would be a welcome addition to the Kresy-Siberia group where you would be a great asset to the many members searching their parents/grandparents stories and service with Anders etc.

    From your reply I take it you have no photo's from your sources? If it is of interest to you/the forum I can supply photos of them both in uniform. I thought you might just have photos I didn't. You've also confirmed my previous findings that medals are no longer available through official Polish sources.

    Having carried out research for more than 12 years I have to inform you Andrzejku that I have a great deal of info re the family and deportation to Siberia etc. I have the info you gave in this respect, but I thank you anyway for taking the time. The names you listed were indeed his brothers. You never know, you may have found something I didn't have/know.

    I also had details of recipient of MCC 41263 as it came with the Cross when I purchased it, so I'm confident that is genuine.

    From the medal photos you posted I'm also fairly confident that the Cross of Merit I have is genuine. If you don't mind Andrzejku I'll post you privately in this regard.

    One thing I would like to ask Andrzej is... what do the numbers following the year of birth and the final III in the I.D. number refer to? I believe Mark was recently asking the same question.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help.



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    I forgot to say that if anyone should come across MCC numbered 31495 and 4274 and/or any other Legitymacja bearing the name FEDZIN would you please inform me on my personal email address as a matter of urgency.


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    Wink strzel. Borsuk, Jan

    Dear Andrzejku,
    I wonder if you you halp Pani Basia who contacted me about her father who served in the:
    1-szy Pulk Artylerii Pomiarowej / 1st Artillery Survey Regiment.
    She provided lots of details about strzel. Borsuk, Jan
    Army No. on Attestation dated 4.12.1942 was 64/B/1924/III.

    • Zaswiadczenie Nr 1160 dated November 1942, confirms that strzel. Borsuk Jan served in Armia Polska na Wschodzie from 13.4.1942.
    • Driving Licence for Military Vehicles 33496 issued to Gunner Jan Borsuk on 8.12.1944.
    • Legitymacja No. 74/46 confirms eligibility to carry odznaki kierowcy wzorowego No.26 pkt.161 from 15.3.46.
    • On the same card it states that Jan Borsuk bombardier No.58/46 was issued from 28.6.46 with odznaka kierowcy wzorowego kl. III - II Dyon - Bat. Dzwiek.
    • A small Italia 1946 card lists ZSSR IRAN IRAQ PALESTYNA EGIPT ITALIA. Legitymacja confirms eligibility to wear 2 9orps insignia kanonier Jan Borsuk 1.Pulk Pomierowy Artyleria No. 037257 No.97/46 effective 12.11.1946 and card dated 20.3.47.
    • On 27.XI.1946 L.pm52 Zaswiadczenie Bomardier Jan Borsuk eligible to wear British War Medal for contribution 1939-1945, issued by Regiment No. 97/46 (Col. Marchand).
    • Zaswiadczenie Lp 98/46 Kanonier 1924/64/III eligible to wear war stars (gwiazdy) 1939-1945 and Italy medals, issued R2/. WS0/45 p.I.89 Col.Marchand.
    • On 1.2.47 Zaswiadczenie Bombardier 1924/64/III eligible to wear Army Medal Reg. 37/46 pkt.1 Col. Marchand.

    But she doesn’t have his MCC details. Any ideas? Can you help?
    And if you’re in that area…. What would be the regiment’s MCC range of numbers? I’m still looking to complete this database of units. Thank you in advance for your continued support.
    Best regards, Mark OSTRO
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    Dear Mark,

    With regards to your email concerning Basia's (Barbara's) request for information on her father Jan BORSUK, the 3rd line made me wonder if he was artillery when you stated Strzelec (Rifleman) is not am Artillery Rank. But anyway I have only found 4 BORSUK's awarded the Monte Cassino Cross:

    1) Michal awarded MCC 2719

    2) Mikolaj awarded MCC 2608

    3) Waclaw awarded MCC 16897

    4) Wladyslaw awarded MCC 26567

    MCC awarded to 1P.Pom.Art. state with 37519 and ends with 38083

    Also with regards to Jan BORSUK I have checked the Index of Victims of Soviet Repression also with no joy. It might be that he may not have been fit enough to fight at the battle.

    Apologies for being unable to assist Basia further in her search, if Basia writes to the M-o-D to request her Fathers full record of service she might find out some more information. Although there is a charge for this service and proof must be provided that Basia is next of Kin, Death Certificate for her Father etc.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Anrdzejku,
    Thank you for trying. I told her to contact the MOD to see if he actually was at monte Cassino. Thanks for the Unit Numbers also.
    Best regards, Mark OSTRO

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    Hello Everyone,

    Some more Numbers for Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross:

    3rd Carpathian Rifle Division

    MCC Nr: 751-1102 Killed in Action

    MCC Nr 1103- 2043 Officers

    MCC Nr: 2044-14702 Other Ranks listed Alphabetically

    5th Frontier Infantry Division

    MCC Nr: 14751-15246 5th Frontier Infantry Division Headquarters Staff

    MCC Nr: 15247-15375 5th Wilno Infantry Brigade Headquarters Staff

    MCC Nr: 15376-16136 13th Wilno Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 16137-16878 14th Wilno Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 16879-17615 15th Wilno Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 17616-17743 6th Lwow Infantry Brigade Headquarters Staff

    MCC Nr: 17744-18477 16th Lwow Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 18478-19206 17th Lwow Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 19207-19938 18th Lwow Infantry Battalion

    MCC Nr: 19939-20656 4PAL

    MCC Nr: 20657-21362 5PAL

    MCC Nr: 21363-22027 6PAL

    MCC Nr: 22028-22654 5PAPpanc

    MCC Nr: 22655-23554 5PAPLotn.

    MCC Nr: 23555-24438 15PULP (15th Poznan Cavalry Regiment).

    MCC Nr: 24439-25130 5BCKM (5th Heavy Machine Gun Battalion).

    Thats all for now watch this space for more

    Best wishes


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