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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Quote by kosa View Post
    The commemorative badge of the 6th Armoured Regiment "Dzieci Lwowskich" was aproved as late as on 27 September 1948. As far as I am aware beret badges appeared after the war around 1945/46.
    The 6th Armoured Regiment "Dzieci Lwowskich" beret badge was formally approved on August 27, 1945.

    Here's a beret from this regiment owned by member Prosty Zolnierz:

    Monte Cassino cross

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    I thought I would share this with you. Several thousand photographs taken by the 2nd Corps at the end of, and just after the war. It's in my Dropbox. You will have seen many of these pictures before, Melchior Wankowicz used amny in his "Bitwa o Monte Cassino" Now you can own them yourself.

    Happy viewing.

    Mark OSTRO

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    Default Unit list

    This is the state of play with the unit list. Even in its unfinished state this is probably the most complete list available to researchers available at the moment.

    1-13 Senior Officers 2nd Polish Corps.
    14-750 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    751-1102 Killed in Action 3DSK
    1103- 2043 Officers 3DSK
    2044-14702 Other Ranks listed Alphabetically 3DSK
    14751-15246 5 Kresowa Infantry Division Headquarters Staff 5KDP
    15247-15375 5 Wilno Infantry Brigade Headquarters Staff
    15376-16136 13 Wilno Infantry Battalion
    16137-16878 14 Wilno Infantry Battalion
    16879-17615 15 Wilno Infantry Battalion
    17616-17743 6 Lwow Infantry Brigade Headquarters Staff
    17744-18477 16 Lwow Infantry Battalion
    18478-19206 17 Lwow Infantry Battalion
    19207-19938 18 Lwow Infantry Battalion
    19939-20656 4 Light Artillery Regiment 4PAL
    20657-21362 5 Light Artillery Regiment 5PAL
    21363-22027 6 Light Artillery Regiment 6PAL
    22028-22654 5 Anti-Tank Regiment 5PAPpanc
    22655-23554 5 Anti-Aircraft Regiment 5PAPLotn.
    23555-24438 15 'Poznan' Lancer Regiment 15PULP
    24439-25130 5 Heavy Machine Gun Battalion 5BCKM
    25131-26019 Engineers 5KDP
    26020-26526 5 Kresowa Inf. Div. Signals Battalion
    26527-26770 5 Sanitary (Medical) Company 5 K Sanit
    26771-27016 6 Sanitary (Medical) Company 6 K Sanit
    27017-27059 Command Supply and Transport Units DOZiTran
    27060-27324 5 Supply Company 5 K Zaop
    27325-27583 6 Supply Company 6 K Zaop
    27584-27966 15 Supply Company 15 K Zaop
    27967-28307 16 Supply Company 16 K Zaop
    28308-28443 5 Workshop Company [5 EME Coy.] 5 K Warszt
    28444-28586 6 Workshop Company [6 EME Coy.] 6 K Warsz
    28587-28691 5 Provost (Military Police) Squadron [Coy.] 5 Szw.Zand
    28692-28733 6 Light Artillery Regiment 6 PAL
    28734-28739 15 'Poznan' Lancer Regiment 15PULP.
    28751-28975 Headquarters 2nd ‘Warsaw’ Armoured Brigade
    28976-28987 On detachment to 2nd Armoured Brigade
    28988 Headquarters 2nd ‘Warsaw’ Armoured Brigade
    28989-29672 4th ‘Skorpion’ Armoured Regiment
    29673-30328 1st ‘Krechowiecki’ Lancer Regiment
    30329-30992 6th ‘Children of Lwow’ Armoured Regiment
    30993-31188 9 Signals Company
    31189-31385 9 Light Sanitary (Medical) Company
    31386-31909 9 Supply Company
    31910-32105 9 Workshop Company [9 EME Coy.]
    32106-32246 9 Forward Tank Replacement Squadron [Coy.]
    32247-32269 6 Field Court
    33058-33767 9th Polish Medium Regiment 9 PAC
    37519-38083 1st Artillery Survey Regiment
    38084-38760 Carpathian Lancer Regiment
    38656 awarded to Colonel Henryk Ignacy Szymanski (USA) Any ideas?
    41616-41703 5 Casualty Clearing Station 5 Polowy Szpital Ewakuacyjny
    42329-42736 1st Medical Hospital
    42737-43169 2nd Medical Hospital
    43513-43520 Field Biological and Chemical Laboratory
    43864 awarded to Brigadier Sir E H C Frith (UK) C.O. 26 British Liaison Unit
    45924-45973 318 Mobile Canteen and Library Company 318 Komp Kantyn i Bibliotek Ruch.
    46270-46377 350 Material Company
    46479-46515 378 Field Bath
    46516-465227 Heads of Corps Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service (Literally “Workshop and Repair Service”)
    46528-46693 13 Workshop Company [13 EME Coy.]
    46694-46872 15 Workshop Company [15 EME Coy.]
    46873-47123 35 Workshop Company [35 EME Coy.]
    47124-47127 Corps Ordinance Workshop
    47128-47294 36 Rescue Company
    47295-47303 Heads of Geographical Services
    47304-47455 12 Geographical Company
    47456-47475 312 Field Map Store
    47476-47484 Command 2 Corps Provost (Military Police)
    47485-47648 11 Provost (Military Police) Squadron [Coy.]
    47649-47659 1 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’(under strength unit with nominal senior designation)
    47660-47676 2 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’
    47677-48006 Palestine Command
    48408 - 48498 Independent Commando Company
    48499-48514 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48506-48514 Cipher Office and Radio Station
    48521-48523 2 Provost (Military Police) Platoon ‘Etapowy’
    48532-48535 318 Mobile Canteen and Library Company 318 Komp Kantyn i Bibliotek Ruch.
    48554-48580 Arial Photographic Interpretation Section
    48598-48600 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48688-48691 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
    48693 Carpathian Lancer Regiment
    48750-48759 Headquarters 2nd Corps Staff
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    Dear Andrzejku, re post 258/259. Just got a message sent to me from Andrew Dolinski.

    Dear Mark
    My profound apology for not seeing your email of Friday May 2nd until this morning. I simply had no time to lokk through the 100’s of emails in my in box until this morning. What a surprise to see what you had found.
    The information you have obtained regarding my grandfather Jan Kubinski and his brother Andrzej is wonderful. I feel like my jigsaw is beginning to come together. I can confirm that both survived the war, though my grandfather Jan was heavily wounded at Monte Cassino and spent many years in England in various hospitals recovering. Both lived until the 1970’s and are both buried in Greenford cemetery in West London. I remember both brothers talking about the war, and the name Monte Cassino became engrained in my head. Four years ago I had the chance to visit Italy and made a special effort
    The information you have obtained is priceless to me and confirms that I do have my grandfathers brothers MCC. Thank you so much for finding this out for me.
    The Kubinski family was very large with probably 15 or so being deported to Siberia. However for what ever reason they seem not to feature on any lists? Why can that be???
    Once again thank you Mark, I REALLY appreciate your kind help. Andrew

    I told him that the research was not mine. Just thought you might like to know.
    Regards, Mark
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    Dear Mark,

    To answer your question who was Colonel Ignacy Szymanski, he was the United States Army Liason Officer to the 2nd Corps.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Everyone,

    Some more photographs of recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross:

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Major Stanislaw Drzewiecki at Loreto MCC 28756

    Monte Cassino cross

    Major Ludwik Ziobrowski MCC 16237

    Monte Cassino cross

    Plutowny Stanislaw Chajdes MCC 17881

    Monte Cassino cross

    Porucznik sp. Mieczyslaw Ulanecki MCC 777

    Monte Cassino cross

    Saper Jozef Bejnar MCC 2601

    Monte Cassino cross

    St Strz. Waclaw Biernacki MCC 19359

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Strz sp. Aleksander Archocki MCC 783

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Strz.sp. Stanislaw Amborziak MCC 782

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Podporucznik sp. Ksawery Adamarczuk MCC 18478

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Plutowny sp. Adam Antoniuk MCC 30976

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Kapral sp. Jan Adamski MCC 15385

    Monte Cassino cross

    Grave of Kapral sp. Jan Arnold MCC 34941

    Monte Cassino cross

    Joint grave of Kapral sp. Ignacy Najdowicz MCC 38102 and St. Ulan sp. Stanislaw Angielski

    Thats all for today

    Best wishes


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    Quote by kosa View Post
    Tony, I can see corrosion develops on the right arm of your MCC. The green residue is not patina/verdigris. If you don’t remove it pits will gradually get deeper and larger. Coin safe chemicals help remove it.

    Thanks Kosa These are old pictures taken just after acquisition of the grouping and prior to carefully removing the verdigris using my trusty method of vinegar and a soft toothbrush.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Quote by A.J. Zawadzki View Post
    (...)These are old pictures taken just after acquisition of the grouping and prior to carefully removing the verdigris using my trusty method of vinegar and a soft toothbrush.(...)
    Good I use cotton swabs and acid free lubricants to prevent recurrence of verdigris.


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    Default MCCs and Medical Stuff

    Dear Panie Andrzejku,
    If I can impose on you for some more help – this time on a rather complex question that is personal to me. As I have mentioned before my granddad was a Medical Orderly in 5 (Polish) Casualty Clearing Station [SOE in Polish]. By the time the MCC were given out his station had been upgraded to a Polowy Szpital Ewakuacyjny. As far as I can see there is no British equivelent of Pol. Szp. Ewak. – „Field Clearing Hospital”, and I am sure that his unit is listed as such on the great list – MCC41616 to MCC41783.

    I have been having a long running argument with an Italian gentlemen from Cassamassina over the exact names and whereabouts of the various hosptials and medical facilities. The problem is that most references do no know how to distinguish/translate between the various units.

    Sanitarny Ośrodek Ewakuacyjny
    Polowy Szpital Ewakuacyjny
    Polowy Szpital
    Szpital Wojskowy
    Szpital Wojenny

    Casualty Clearing Station
    Field Hospital
    Military Hospital
    War Hospital


    41,447 Plk lek.dr. Marian Dietrich was the Szef Służby Zdrowia
    At some point under that is the listing for what I presume will be 3 Pol.Szpit.Ewak.
    This should lead into my grandad's unit [5 Pol.Szpit.Ewak.?]- both of these had about 160 personnel each.
    So what comes from 41784 to 42159? It's medical but what unit?

    42171 is, according to the one available listing I have been able to find, the start of "2 Medical Corps"
    42,181 Kapitan Czeslaw Szolin apparantly was in 6 HOSPITAL - this is how it was translated to English but what is the Polish? 6 Szpital Pol.?
    42,280 Siostra TOPOROWSKA Halina 1919-79-III is listed as 162 Military Hospital. Is that right? In the Polish?

    The same source lists
    42329 to 42736 as 1st Medical Hospital [yet Kosa's Post 223 had Julia Kenig MCC#42636 working in 5th Field Hospital]
    42737 to 43169 as 2nd Medical Hospital. Assuming the numbers are correct, how are these hospitals listed in Polish?

    43170 43514 is listed as 2nd Medical Corps. Any ideas about what went in on there?

    I know that 43515 to 43520 is the Field Bacteriological/Chemical Unit.

    The best available list I can find is:
    Medical Corps 41447 to 42159
    2nd Medical Corps 42172 to 42328
    1st Medical Hospital 42329 to 42736
    2nd Medical Hospital 42737 to 43169
    2nd Medical Corps 43170 to 43520

    The same rather limited list has been repeated on several websites and that is one of the reasons I am trying to compile a more useful one. History Articles

    The Polish Victory at Monte Cassino

    319: Polish ww2 Medals @

    Anyway, any help you can supply in filling in the gaps in 2 Polcorps Medical services would be gratefully appreciated.

    With thanks for your continuing support and best regards,
    Mark OSTRO

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    Dear Mark.

    In answer to your question the following list is the Medical Units of the 2nd Corps at the time of the awards:

    MCC Nr: 41447-41449 - Szefostwo Sluzby Zdrowia 2 Korpusu.

    MCC Nr: 41450-41615 - Sanitarny Osrodek Ewakuacyjny Nr:3

    MCC Nr: 41616-41783 - Sanitarny Osrodek Ewakuacyjny Nr:5

    MCC Nr: 41784-42159 - 161 Szpital Wojenny

    MCC Nr: 42172- 42328 - 162 Szpital Wojenny

    MCC Nr: 42329-42736 - 1 Szpital Wojenny

    MCC Nr: 42737-43169 - 3 Szpital Wojenny

    MCC Nr: 43170-43415 - 31 Kompania Sanitarna

    MCC Nr: 43416-43443 - 32 Pluton Higieny Polowej

    MCC Nr: 43444-43451 - 34 Sekcja Przeciwmalaryczna

    MCC Nr: 43452-43460 - 45 Czolowka Chirurgiczna

    MCC Nr: 43461-43470 - 46 Czolowka Chirurgiczna

    MCC Nr: 43471-43480 - 47 Czolowka Chirurgiczna

    MCC Nr: 43481 - 43489 - 48 Czolowka Chirurgiczna

    MCC Nr: 43490- 43493 - 49 Czolowka Transfuzyjna

    MCC Nr: 43494-43497 - 50 Czolowka Transfuzyjna

    MCC Nr: 43498-43514 - 341 Polowa Skladnica Sanitarna

    MCC Nr: 43515-43520 - Polowa Pracownia Bakteriologiczna.

    I hope that the above list answers all your questions

    Best wishes


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