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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello Everyone and DEAR Andrzejku

    Monte Cassino Cross number 18527:

    Please forgive me for being in Polish language:

    10 sty 2020 13:52

    Od: Monika Fałek
    Do: mnie
    Temat: RE: Krzyż Monte Cassino numer 18527.

    Sent: Thursday, January 2, 2020 12:21 PM
    To: wbh zbiory
    Subject: Krzyż Monte Cassino numer 18527.

    Szanowny Panie,

    w nawiązaniu do pisma z dnia 02.01.2020 r. dotyczącego sprawdzenia numeru nadania Krzyża Monte Cassino informuję, że w Wykazie depozytów po żołnierzach PSZ na Zachodzie poległych w czasie II wojny światowej Centralnego Archiwum Wojskowego z 2003 roku widnieje

    - depozyt Stanisława NOWAKA zawiera Legitymację i Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino nr 18527 ze wstążką;

    - depozyt Zygmunta Eugeniusza MACIEJEWSKIEGO nie zawiera dokumentacji, która wskazywałaby na numer Krzyża Monte Cassino.

    Z wyrazami szacunku,

    Monika Fałek

    Dostęp: Magdalena Żółw

    Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe

    Wojskowego Biura Historycznego

    ul. Pontonierów 2a

    00-910 Warszawa

    Pracownia Zbiorów Specjalnych

    Tel. 261 813 883

    Depozyty żołnierzy PSZ na Zachodzie - Aktualnosci WBH - Wojskowe Biuro Historyczne

    Best wishes


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    Hello Everyone

    Some more Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross from the Dowództwo Saperów 5 KDP.HQ 5 KDP:

    Monte Cassino cross
    21.kapral podchorąży śp PATKOWSKI Tadeusz born 7.2.1921 Lwów.
    Fathers name Józef.Army number 1921-143-III.
    Date of death 13.5.1944.
    His grave is Monte Cassino,Italy Cp,gr.8-A-6.
    Was awarded MCC number 25151.
    DEPOSIT number 2691 1921/39/IV CAW/WBH.
    WBH sygn.X.4596;KWKA;VIII.801.755.13222;1921/39/IV/

    Monte Cassino cross
    22.saper śp POSŁUSZNY Michał born 12(22).6.1912 Chadyków-(WBH is save Chadykówka) powiat Kolbuszowa.
    Army number 1912-65-III.
    Date of death 19.5.1944.
    His grave is Monte Cassino,Italy Cp,gr.8-C-10.
    Was awarded MCC number 25152.
    DEPOSIT number 2881 43/9/3.
    WBH sygn.X.2784

    Monte Cassino cross
    23.saper śp RUCHAŁA Czesław born 11.12.1911.Zabiele powiat Łomża.
    Fathers name Antoni.
    Army number 1911-109-III.
    Date of death 19.5.1944.
    His grave is Monte Cassino,Italy Cp,gr.8-C-2.
    Was awarded MCC number 25153.
    WBH sygn.X.3025

    Best wishes


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    Hello Artur,

    Many thanks for your post and the text of the letter from Monika Fałek, re Strz. Zygmunt Eugeniusz Maciejewski they might not have records but the following should prove to them that he fought and was killed and is buried at Monte Cassino.

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    No doubt it might be down to human error that he was missed off, we will probably never know the real reason why.

    But there is no doubting the evidence

    1) The Grave at Monte Cassino

    2) The 1952 PISM List of those soldiers killed in the West.

    3) The Register of the Monte Cassino Cross

    It would be nice to know who Polish Military Authorities have listed as being buried in grave : 6-F-7 at Monte Cassino

    Best wishes


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    Hello DERA Andrzejku

    Many thanks for your post reply.
    There are records of this soldier in WBH, but there is no cross and ID card or record that he was awarded this cross.
    So the question is where the MCC and Legitymacja are?
    Is the Ministry of Defence not handing over all the soldiers' deposits and why do they issue copies of the Notebooks-ZESZYT EWIDENCYJNY to the people and not the original ???
    As far as I know, WBH does not have any lists awarded with the Monte Cassino Cross and did not even contact IPMS London to obtain them ...
    ot strange, being an archivist in Poland in a state institution ...

    P.S.:It's good that you can still get it after persphasia, because they are reluctant to provide information...

    Best wishes


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    Hello Andrzej,

    Could you give a information who is the Recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross numbered 19548, please?

    Thank you in advance

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    For You:342.Strzelec K.P. army number 1916-210-III.

    Best wishes


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    TMZ is offline



    pardon me if I misunderstand the context, but is the reference by Monika Fałek to "depozyt" a reference to the physical objects and not just records of those objects?



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    Hi Andrzej,
    i have been reading posts on this forum.
    wonder if you tell me who was awarded MCC24980.
    I understand the batch is the 5th Heavey Machine gun Battalion.
    Monte Cassino cross
    Monte Cassino cross

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    Hello Ted

    The entry in the list coincides with what is in the deposit and what the British side transferred to Poland.
    In the case of MCC number 18525 and Legitymacja, there is no entry in the list and there is no Cross or Legitymacja in the DEPOSIT after this soldier.

    Mostly there are no British decorations, which the heirs later choose to document in the British facades. I also encountered the lack of Crosses of Valor.
    That is why it is best to take a copy of the record book-ZESZYT EWIDENCYJNY from the Ministry of Defense. The volume should contain in the award box all entries that have been awarded to the soldier.

    P.S.:Recently, many people are interested in this thread, which makes me very happy.

    Monte Cassino cross
    There are currently 35 users browsing this thread. (5 members and 30 guests)

    Best wishes


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    Hello Konrad,

    Many thanks for your post the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 19548 when awarded the Recipients details were as follows :

    Rank : Strz (Rifleman)

    Surname : Koldra

    Christian Name : Piotr

    Date of Birth : 1916

    Army Number : (also found on His ID Tags) : 1916-210-III

    Unit : 18BS, 5KDP

    Best wishes


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