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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Default Polski Batalion Wartowniczy [Polish Guard Battalion] or Palestine Command?

    Dear Mateusz,

    It is interesting that you bring this up. MCC#47931 is in the group that I have been led to believe was “Palestine Command”, in fact the 330 crosses from 47677 to 48006.
    If you check out: 319: Polish ww2 Medals @ and you will see it is in that group. Just goes to show one should never take on face value information from the internet. Everyone has been repeating the same information:
    The Polish Victory at Monte Cassino History Articles
    HISTORIA - Storia & Militaria

    Can I throw this over to the eminent Panie Andrzejku for a confirmation? Were all these 330 crosses Polski Batalion Wartowniczy? I always wondered why soldiers stationed in Palestine would be eligible for a campaign cross from Italy.

    Best regards, Mark

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    Dear Mateusz and Andrzejku
    This morning I also looked on Indeks Represjonowanych | Wyszukiwanie [no Świtajski - only 16 Maksymilian born in 1901]. Not in the Russian equivalent at He’s also not in the Anders’ index card collection at Search archives
    MOD would be your best bet!
    Regards, Mark

    PS, If you can prove kinship to the MOD, they will send you the 4 British medals to which he was probably entitled but possibly did not collect. You didn't post a picture of them so I am assuming!
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    Dear Mark,

    All of the web sites that you have listed all gleaned their information from Professor Wesolowski, infact Mark the last numbered cross awarded was 48822 to Major Jozef Czapski.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrzejku,

    Thank you for the information you provided and welcoming me to the forum. Much appreciated.

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your time looking up information about Maksymilian. Also, glad to "stir the pot" a little bit on the subject.
    About the medals, if he was eligible for those but never collected them, will they really keep them "archived" for 70 years and counting?


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    Dear Mateusz,
    Yes you, as next of kin, will get the medals if they were never collected. I got my grandfather's as he was so miffed with the UK that he never bothered.
    Czołem, Mark

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    Hello Mark,

    I had just typed everything in and the web page asked for me to sign in and I lost everything, so I am afraid you will have to wait until the weekend for the list.

    In the mean time Medals issued by the British Government have a larger Suspension ring now days rather than the smaller originals issued after the war. It would not cost much and at least you would know that the British Awards are Original Issue's.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrejku, Thank you as always. My weekend starts today and this will give me a chance to grade the papers that have been sitting on my desk for a week. Doing this tends to be more interesting than my real work.

    And by the way... with all due respect to Prof. Wesolowski's work, the data given is flawed in so many areas that it is certainly due for revision - which is what we are trying to doing here.

    Best regards, Mark

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    Hello Mark,

    Well I will try again and keep you away from grading those papers, your poor students will be none the wiser.

    MCC Nr: 47677 - 47756 - Dowodztwo Zgrupowania Zakladow Sluzb.

    MCC Nr: 47757 - 47958 - Baon Wartowniczy

    MCC Nr: 47959 - 47966 - Szefostwo Sluzby Sprawiedliwosci

    MCC Nr: 47967 - 47994 - 12 Sad Polowy

    MCC Nr: 47995 - 48006 - Biuro Rejestrscji Grobow Wojennych

    MCC Nr: 48007 - 48046 - 370 Skladnica Ewacuwanego Sprzetu

    MCC Nr: 48047 - 48089 - 371 Skladnica Ewacuwanego Sprzetu

    MCC Nr: 48090 - 48135 - 372 Skladnica Ewacuwanego Sprzetu

    MCC Nr: 48136 - 48149 - Inspekorat Kontroli Tech. Sprzetu. Mat. 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48150 - 48151 - Szefostwo Sluzby Poczt Polowych

    MCC Nr: 48152 - 48171 - Oddzial Pocztowy 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48172 - 48178 - Biuro Cenzury Wojskowej 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48179 - 48216 - Sekcja Meteorologiczna 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48217 - 48230 - Szefostwo Sluzby Pienieznej 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48231 - 48257 - Wydzial Kultury i Prasy 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48358 - 48263 - Referat Kultury i Prasy Jedn. Pozadyw.

    MCC Nr: 48264 - 48272 - Komenda Placu Nr:1

    MCC Nr: 48273 - 48290 - Oddzial Zadymiania

    MCC Nr: 48291 - 48355 - Seckja Widowiskowo Rozrywkowa

    MCC Nr: 48356 - 48385 - Rezerwa Oficerow Lacznikowych i Tlumaczy

    MCC Nr: 48386 - 48399 - 111 Komp. Ochrony Mostow

    MCC Nr: 48400 - 48407 - inspektorat Sluzby Zdrowia P.S.K.

    MCC Nr: 48408 -48498 - Kompania Commando

    I will finish off in the next post

    Best wishes


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    Hello Mark,

    MCC Nr: 48499 - 48505 - Kwatera Glowna Dowodztwa 2 Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48506 - 48514 - Biuro Sztfrow i Radiostacja Korpusu

    MCC Nr: 48515 - 48553 - Various Individual units

    MCC Nr: 48554 - 48580 - Oddzial Interpretacji Zdjec Lotniczych

    MCC Nr: 48581 - 48698 - Various Individual Units

    MCC Nr: 48699 - 48710 - Szefpstwo Sluzby Zaopatr. i Transportu.

    MCC Nr: 48711 - 48822 - Various Individual Units.

    That is all, I sincerely hope that the above answers all your questions

    Best wishes


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    Hi everyone,

    In post #394 in this thread, Ostro posted a reply which included a photograph of my great-grandfather. I was wondering if anyone could help me work out what the ribbons on his uniform are. I assume that one of the medals is the MCC and another is the Medal Wojska which i have confirmed that he was awarded. He was also entitled to four British decorations: 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal. I am in the process of claiming those from the MOD. I can not work out however, what the other two ribbons are. I know the image is quite small and it's not easy Ito see, but maybe someone who has a better knowledge of awards will be able to help.


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