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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Andrzejku, wow... You have been busy. Again, thanks very much for that. I will have to mark these papers before I get to them... But I am grateful. Regards Mark.

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    Dear Kuba,
    We can pretty much date a photograph by the medals on them. If you look at most pictures you will see blocks of medals depending on time – first the Polish ones: Army Medal and Cassino Cross [April 1945]. The two British ones came next: 1939/45 Star and Italy Star. And the other two British ones came after: Defence Medal and War Medal. This is common to most of the photographs that have been posted.

    The various awards for courage and bravery could be awarded at any time. In the case of the 5CCS in June 1947 the staff were awarded the Brązowy Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami [Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords]... it really was a nasty job!!!
    It was awarded for “...deeds of bravery and valor during time of war not connected with direct combat, and for merit demonstrated in perilous circumstances.” Krzy

    I am reasonably confident that you will find Lance Corporal Pawel Wisnicki was also awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords.

    Best regards, Mark

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    Thank you very much Mark.
    Do you know how i could confirm whether or not Paweł was awarded the cross of merit?


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    Dear Kuba, No easy way I'm afraid. It involves contacting/going to PISM in London. the 5CCS war diary is there. I think every one in the unit got one... Certainly the ones at Cassino, but this is just from memory. If you want to know 100% then PISM will know/can find out. I'm in the UK on vacation in 2 weeks and planning a trip there so if it's not urgent I can find out. I have my own stuff to find out in the diary so I will be looking.

    Best regards, Mark

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    Dear Mark,
    I thought PISM will be the best bet. I actually live in London and have quite a bit of free time at the moment so will probably make my way there in the next few days. It's a great place to visit.
    Thanks a lot,


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    Kuba, Ask for R.1275. I think that is the archive number for the 5CCS War Diary.
    Regards, Mark

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    Hello Mark and Kuba

    Just a note remember to book an appointment if wanting to use the archives reading room

    Best wishes


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    Hello Everyone,

    Another Face of a recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bomb  Antoni Lapinski MCC 8089.jpg 
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    Bombardier Antoni Lapinski MCC 8089 (postwar photograph)

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrzejku,
    Exams finsished – desk cleared – and so back to work!

    Just a couple of little queries:

    MCC#745-750 are interesting. OK, 750 was Melchior Wankowicz the famous war correspondent and writer, but who were 745, 746, 747, 748 and 749? Wesolowski groups these 6 crosses as “Various Units” – I hope we can do better. They must have been fairly important to get so prominent in the numbers but who were they? Journalists? Foreign dignitaries? Just curious. Did they give an MCC to General (later FM) Alexander or his successor as Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean - General Morgan?

    One last query… 34946 seems to have slipped through the net:

    34941-34945 11 Medium Artillery Regiment Killed in Action/Died of Wounds
    34946 Not Known
    34947-34949 11 Medium Artillery Regiment

    Any chance of the unit? I’m guessing probably 11 Medium Artillery too - but I thought I should check.

    Beyond that, I think the list is pretty much finished. As always, thank you for your help in this.

    Best regards, Mark.

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    Dear Mark,

    With regards to the questions that you have raised, the Monte Cassino Cross was only awarded to 2 Non-Polish Officers, Brigadier Frith (British) and Lt Colonel Szymanski (USA). Neither Field Marshal Alexander or General Morgan were awarded the cross.

    The Monte Cassino Crosses Numbered 745-750 were awarded to the following:

    MCC Nr: 745 - Podpulkownik Dypl. Stanislaw Koziejowski

    MCC Nr: 746 - Kapitan Mieczyslaw Klosinski

    MCC Nr: 747 - Podpulkownik Dypl. Feliks Machnowski

    MCC Nr: 748 - Podporucznik Stanislaw Wyrzykowski

    MCC Nr: 749 - kapelmistrz. Ludik Marian Philipp

    MCC Nr: 750 - Koresp.Woj. Melchoir Wankowicz.

    With regards to MCC Nr:34946 was awarded to Kanonier Mieczyslaw Golanka 11PAC, listed later on in the register.

    I hope that the above information answers all your questions.

    Best wishes


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