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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello ProPatria,

    MCC Nr: 13486 was awarded to:

    RanK: Kanonier (Artilleryman)

    Surname: WOJNICZ

    Christian Name: Jozef

    Date of Birth: 1922

    Fathers Name: Bronislaw

    Mothers Name: Jadwiga

    Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1922-18-III

    Unit: 1KPAL (1st Carpathian Light Artillery Regiment)

    Jozef came from the Wilno District arrested in April 1940 by NKVD, by the end of the war he was a Bombadier with the KW, he married Jozefa Smigielska in 1950 nothing further known.

    Best wishes


    p.s. My bill is in the post.

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    Thank you for all the information. It is great to know the name and the unit. You were able to find so much more. Thank you
    About that bill, if you live in London or around maybe I could buy a beer...
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    Many thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that offer one day.

    Best wishes


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    The least I can do. I am sure I will send you more requests in the future.
    Best regards

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    Default Research

    Hi and good afternoon from France,
    I am a new member of this forum and I have a question:
    Who had the Monte Cassino Cross numbered 41594 ?
    Best regards.

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    Hello Zenda,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, with regards to your request for information on the recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 41594, his details are has follows:

    Rank: Szeregowiec (Private)

    Surname: TOMKIEWICZ

    Christian Name: LUDWIK

    Date of Birth: 1904

    Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1904-6-III

    Unit: Sanitarny Osrodek Ewakuacyjny Nr.3 (3rd Casualty Clearing Station).

    The only other information that I found was that he died in Blackburn, Lancashire in 1991.

    That is all that I could find, I hope that it is of some use and help to you and my Bill is in the Post.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrzejku98,
    Thank you for this fast and precise identification.
    I have others crosses to be presented but I shall try ont to deceive too much your kindness.
    Best wishes.

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    Hello Zenda,

    You are most welcome

    Best wishes


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    I'm having a long awaited 'pilgrimage' in June, down to the Sikorski museum and on to Cassino by train (through the Swiss Alps).
    Any advice/contacts gratefully received.
    Rgds, Richard.

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    Hello Richard,

    Remember to check the PISM website and if you intend to use the Archives you will have to telephone them to book a space in the reading room.

    But aside from that be prepared to be blown away, when I first entered the PISM back in the 1970's it was like being transported back in time, once the front door is closed on the noise of modern London time stands still in the Sikorski Museum in the entrance hall are displays for 303 Sqdn, Wojtek, etc, be sure to look around General Anders room on the ground floor, on up the staircase onto the 1st floor on both sides in the front and rear rooms are displays of Awards and Badges as well as Paintings etc.

    There is just so much to see that you will have to go back again.

    Best wishes


    p.s. for more information use the Advanced Search at the top right of the page to find out more on the Sikorski Museum.

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