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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello again Andrzej

    Do you have MCC Nbr. for a Jan Franciszek Kon ?


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    Hello Chris,

    The only Jan Kon listed is as follows:

    Rank: Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname: Kon

    Christian Name : Jan

    Date of Birth: 1912

    Army Number : (also found on His ID Tags) : 1912-427-III

    Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 18795

    Unit: 17 Rifle Bn, 5KDP.


    I also gleaned the following information from index of victims of soviet repression, Fathers Name : GRZEGORZ.

    Arriested in Kowel on Friday 22nd September 1939 whilst serving in uniform, freed in 1941 and joined the Anders Army at Tockoje on the 2nd September 1941.

    Also from, I found a listing for a Jan Franciszek Kon's Marriage to an IRENE JONES in the 1st quarter of 1965 in Ashton, Lancashire, Volume 10B Page 251.

    Then came across Jan Franciszek Kon's Death which lists his birthdate as the 10th October 1912, died aged 72 in February 1985 in Tameside, Greater Manchester, Volume 34, Page 1943.

    Thats all that I could find, I hope that it is of some help and use to you.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks again Andrzej!

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    a77 is offline


    Do you have information about Monte Cassino Cross for Bolesław Ejsmont from 14 Baon Strzelców, born in 1906?

    All the best,

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    Another one for you Andrzej

    Was a cross issued to a Henryk Chamot (or) Chamut ?


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    Wow, thats a great find.

    - War Collector

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    Hello Andrzej,

    Many thanks for your post re Boleslaw Ejsmont, there are 3 Boleslaw's listed the first was born in 1905 serving in 10 Baonu Saperow Korpusu, the second was born in 1906 but served in 16 Kompanii Zaopatrywania. The third was born in 1919 and served in 6 Baonu Strzelcow Karpackich.

    Details for the recipient born in 1906 is as follows when awarded the MCC :

    Rank: Kapral (Corporal)

    Surname: EJSMONT

    Christian Name: BOLESLAW

    Date of Birth: 1906

    Army Number : (also found on His ID Tags) : 1906-95-III

    Unit: 16 Kompanii Zaopatrywania

    MCC Nr: 28041

    Best wishes


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    Hello Chris,

    Many thanks for your post the Recipients list for CHAM goes like this: CHAM, CHAMALA, CHAMELCZUK, CHAMERA, CHAMERSKI, CHAMIEC, CHAMIELEC, CHAMIENIA, CHAMOT, CHAMULAK, CHAN
    The only CHAMOT listed is a Szer. Boleslaw CHAMOT, born in 1924, Army Number : 1924-18-III, Unit 2KSan, MCC 3436. also awarded the KW.

    Apologies for not being able to help further again on this one.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks again Andrzej you've been very helpful!

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    a77 is offline


    Thank you Andrzej.
    I've got Cross of Valour legitimation after Bolesław Ejsmont. He died 27.08.1944.

    All the best!
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