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Was My father a Cichociemny ?

Article about: Hi members, My dad was a cichociemny and he died in 1994. I was only 12 years old at the time and didn't understand his role in the war until I was in high school, but my mom couldn't rememb

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    Default Re: Was My father a Cichociemny ?

    I am not able to go to the museum in person as I am in the United States. I plan on sending a letter with my inquiry as well as a copy of the photos I have and a list of my fathers medals. Any advice as to what I should do in regards to the fee? Should I send the equivalent amount in US Dollars?

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    Default Re: Was My father a Cichociemny ?

    send me a private message with your phone number and what times and days are best to give you a phone call.

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    Have a look at the photo and enlargements special operations Italy 1945 on PolishSpecialOperationsHOME Is he there? Please let me know.

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    Wow, great photo! I haven been to the forum in quite some time. I never heard back from the MOD and my husband traveled to London for a wedding a couple of years ago and went to the PISM, but it was closed at the time due to renovations...just my luck! Being a full time school teacher and mother to 3 children under the age of 5 has really made it difficult to find time to continue my research. Your post got me excited and motivated to obtain my father's military service record...thank you!

    Anyway, my father, Ryszard Kruger, might actually be #21. It's very hard to tell, but the hair cut and hairline are very similar. Also, what caught my eye is #22. He looks a lot like a guy I have a portrait of that was a friend of my father's. I don't know anything about him except that his name was Leon, as he signed the back of he photo. I'm including the Photo of Leon as well as what he wrote on the back. Also, I found another photo of my dad with some other guys by a truck. My dad is the one who is standing towards the camera and holding something in his hands. Lastly, I'm including a picture of some cuff links I have. "Legend" has it that General Maczek gave them to my dad when they were in England after the war. Anyone know anything about them?

    Was My father a Cichociemny ?Was My father a Cichociemny ?Was My father a Cichociemny ?Was My father a Cichociemny ?

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    Wow and I only just launched the website… Thanks for responding. Yes, hard to tell if your father is #21in the photo. My father’s records from the Polish section of MOD contained loads of information. When you have received your father’s we can compare notes.

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