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need help with my grandad

Article about: I looking for any information on my grandad Stanislaw Kondrat. I know he moved to England after the war but he never spoke about it.

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    Also after you confirm him via his Monte Cassino Cross contact the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum which has information on Polish military from all services serving with British forces in Europe. They have no email so you must write to them. Include as much known personal info on your relative as possible for a search IE: first, middle and last name, year of birth, father & mothers name, town, region, Military unit etc. Include a donation of 25 Pounds as they rely on donations to maintain their collection. (no proof of kinship required)

    The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
    20 Princes Gate
    SW7 1PT
    Attention Dr. Andrzej Suchcitz

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    Hi Chris,

    What information will I need to prove kinship? Andrzej found his information and army number. I can not tell you how excited I am to get his military records and possible list of his medals. This used to be a needle in a hay stack chase but now everything is coming together.

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    What information will I need to prove kinship?

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    Hi Philip, the sort of details you will need are your g/father's death certificate and then permission to get the records from his immediate next of kin if this is not yourself. If this is your father then his permission, and then usually your own birth certificate. If you are the nearest surviving next of kin then you will need birth/death certificates to show the chain.

    The MOD can tell you exactly what they need from you in your circumstances - you can email for advice.

    Of course the fun begins when you get the records as they will be in Polish, and mainly handwritten.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for the reply tmz. I'm hoping the information will include what medals he would have received and details about what happened to him in the war.

    What information do they normally have on a person?

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    Congrats on your new found information Philip

    Like Ted says contact APC Polish Historical Disclosures <>. Contact Barbara Kroll or Margaret Goddard, they will tell you what you need to provide in terms of proving kinship. The records can be quite detailed, just be sure to 'ask for copies of everything in his file' otherwise all you will get is a summary which lacks details.


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    My grandads war records finally came!!!!! Now to find a company that can translate it. Does anyone know which section mentions when he went to England?


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    Congratulations! That information your looking for will be found on 'Army Form B 271(Polish)" REGULAR ARMY ATTESTATION OF: Your grandfather's rank and name. On the reverse of the form under STATEMENT OF SERVICE AND REGIMENTAL ENTRIES will be a column list of ORDER OF AUTHORITY, UNIT, CASUALTIES, RANK, DATES.

    As for getting help with translations there are one or two on this forum or you might also consider joining the Facebook group Kresy-Siberia at where you'll meet others whose parents and relatives share similar stories and experiences. They have many knowledgeable members whom you can pose questions for translation help.

    Just my 2 cents

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    It's worth a visit to the Sikorski museum in person.
    I went to the archives with not much more information than you.
    I was given several files, full of original documents and diaries, all in Polish of course!! (i don't speak Polish)
    I spent the morning going through them and found several references to my father, a wonderful experience. The museum was interesting too!!

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