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New collectible Polish Army eagle badge in search of opinion as to value

Article about: Subject : Fw: Polish Army cap eagle badge Date : Fri, Feb 04 2011 07:32 PM Dear Mr, Zawadzki, This is my "virgin" appearance on your forum, which I stumbled into unexpectedly while

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    Default Re: This time, it is the uniform buttons from the Recruiting Mission in Canada and their eagle design...

    Hello Tony,

    Another small puzzle emerges for me. I have a few cuff buttons but only one is different from the others. They all were among my father's mementos from the days of the Windson Recruiting Mission; but one is definitely different than the others. My intuition tells me that THIS ONE may be a real, pre-war eagle button, since its tail is like in the last few pre-war years of Polish coins, while the other eagles display the earlier version of the eagle found on the interbellum coins, whose design was criticized as an "ogon jak pedzel," or "paintbrush shaped tail." Can you or others shed a light on its origin?
    I still have trouble navigating on the forum, thus my propensity to write an email (if I ever find your eMail address), so this is just a draft of a message with images of the two different coins attached(if I succeed. If not I'll mail them to you.).... Regards, Wallace
    Last edited by Wallace; 02-08-2011 at 10:16 PM. Reason: fumbling with a mare incognitum, youre forum; errors, typos, synthax, etc.

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