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Personal belongings great-grandfather

Article about: These are the personal belongings of my Polish great-grandfather: Zbigniew Fialkowski. He served until 1939 in the national Polish army and later in the British army under the famous Polish

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    Wow ! beautiful stuff !

    Hey. I'm looking to do a book on my best friend's father ( Wojchiech Maria Ksiezycki)using the old man's personal photos from the war '43-45. He was in the 24 Lancers(Polish) Canadian Army. He fought as well in '39- Eastern Poland againast the soviets but instead was captured in Lithuania and spent a hellish few months in a camp in Beloruss. He later got to the west via Bombay and immediately enlisted but that's another story....
    Anyway,I need more detailed info on this unit.Can you or anyone out there direct me ? The book itself is more an homage to the man (as he was an important mentor to me as a teen) and not a unit history per se.
    Still , the photos are fantastic and say a thousand words!!

    any help appreciated !!


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    It is a nice group of items. It must be a great feeling knowing who they belonged to.


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