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Podhalan Service Dress.

Article about: thanks Emil, I know Cheers, Marc

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    Interesting info !

    I was always lead to believe the "Narvik" lanyard was unofficial ...
    BUT !!! if the "Narvik Lion shield" was produced for the Lanyard, then I take it that the Lanyard was in fact sanctioned for official wear. ?


    Gary J.

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    Oh yes. Just like every other lanyard in the 1st Armoured div. The lanyard was part of the batalions uniform, however the shield was the "award" for Narvik.

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    To my mind, this officer was in Narvik... just look at the breast badge... That is the pattern worn for Narvik...

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    I think that this officer was so in Narvik, but informations given by "cichociemny" are correct !
    If there had been only this badge on the pocket :

    indeed, doubt could exist... but with the other breast badge (For Narvik Battle, shown by "marc b"), that seems to indicate that this officer was in Norway in 1940.

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    Judging by the rank, yes he was most probably at Narvik, there is also possibility that he was left behing in France in 1940 however by being a member of the brigade qualified for the badge. Most probable that the shield simply fell off or was lost. Without research at the sikorski institute one can never know.

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    You are right. Probably it exists a listing of the polish officers and troopers for Narvik in book or in website ? But I have to say that the polish troops in 1940 are not my speciality, I collect only 1rst polish armored division.
    Perhaps somebody will have a good internet link or book to propose ?

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    Another lanyard and insignia, worn by a polish soldier who fought at Narvik in 1940 in Podhale Brigade.


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