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Polish Army uniform and cap

Article about: Many thanks Tom, for the info on IPN's new book: Polskie Oddziały Wartownicze przy armii amerykańskiej w latach 19451989 Post-WWII Poles not only served with US Polish Labor Servi

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    Still on the question of uniforms and caps. Could anyone provide information about the uniforms and caps these Polish chaps are wearing? The one second from the right is my wife's uncle. The only information we have is that he apparently made his way to England and joined up with the British forces.
    The notation on the back of the photo may help. Perhaps someone could translate it please.

    Polish Army uniform and capPolish Army uniform and cap

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    Default Re: Polish Army uniform and cap

    They wear the usual mixture of mainly British made items with the odd US made summer issue shirt as worn by your wife's Uncle. (Note the pocket flaps with slanted edge to them) Berets and General service dress caps are British made and are conventional.

    The dark khaki trousers worn by the first and last soldiers are British Battledress trousers with the large map pocket and field dressing pockets removed from the front.

    Belts are British 1937 pattern.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Polish Army uniform and cap

    Hello Kingy,
    Here is the translation you have asked for: Beloved brother, I'm sending you my military image. Brother Edek


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    Default Re: Polish Army uniform and cap

    Hi Kingy,
    Are you sure about your wife's uncle?
    The soldiers are wearing Polish eagles on their berets and are in a photo seemingly dated December 1951? By then British forces had been demobilised and the Polish Resettlement Corps in the UK had also been already disbanded so which British Forces in England could he have joined up with in 1951? Or maybe the photo was taken at a much earlier date but only sent in 1951?
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    Thanks Ade, Tom and 4thSkorpion. You guys are good.
    We understood him to have made his way to England during the war and joined some unit associated with the British, but we don't know when or with whom. We do know he remained in England after the war.
    The 1951 date I found curious and assumed he must have continued in the Army post war. But as you say this seems improbable and the photo must have been taken much earlier.
    Tom's translation, reading between the lines, probably supports this. Maybe the two brothers had just re-established contact ( by this time brother Wojciech was in Australia) and Edek is showing his brother what was rather than what is.

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    Hi - first post nand seeking identification of what I understand to be my father in law in Polish uniform just prior to WW2. It is stange - his hometown was on the border of Germany and he was forced into Stalag XXA and then released and it looks like he was then "forced" into the German army - have a photo of him in german uniform as well. There are two stories - 1) he fought on the russian front and 2) spent the war as a forced labourer - either way became a DP and came to AustraliaPolish Army uniform and cap
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    David, your question is answered in this thread where you also posted your question (see post #14):
    Help identitfying uniform badges

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    Quote by Kingy View Post
    What about the cap, any information on that?
    The other thing I am curious about is Offlag VII A. This apparently was an officer's prison camp. There is no doubt he was there but why?
    I have attached a photo of his Offlag tag.
    Attachment 208982
    Better late than never, I just found this interesting thread. The hat that is pictured in the first post is a private purchase wz.37 field rogatywka. These hats were commonly purchased by officers. I would love to see the inside of the hat if it is possible.
    There is a very similar hat at the War Museum in Warsaw, I will post the link below.
    Muzeum Wojska Polskiego w Warszawie

    Best Regards

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    Thanks Hubal for that info and the link to War Museum. Just trying to attach a photo of the inside of the cap as requested. Not sure if it is working. Bit out of practice.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish Army uniform and cap  

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    Thank You for posting the picture. Very nice hat, and a rare survivor. You can clearly see that the fabric and the buckle is identical to the cap in the Museums collection.
    I was curious to see the inside of the hat. It looks like the inside has a brown wool lining at the top and a very clean cotton? sweatband. A nice private purchase hat.

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