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Polish cap badge

Article about: Can any Forum member give me any information regarding this cap badge. It is made of brass and has no makers details on the reverse. It does not appear quite as clean on the obverse as in th

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    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for your response and sound advice.

    My research is mainly turning up more and more documents from my grandfather's service, not much in the way of hardware. They do, however, tell quite the story of his involvement competing in the Polish National Equestrian team in the 30s, as an officer in the 14 P.Uł. and his time with the British Army in Nigeria from 1941-45 (West Africa Frontier Force).

    Keeping the history alive. Will post more cohesive stories and documents as I work through them.

    andy flakelar

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for "keeping the history alive". I am particularly interested in any information you could provide about your grandfather's service as a Polish officer attached to British Colonial Army in West Africa. It is an area not yet covered too well, at least insofar as my limited research has revealed. Posted below is a copy of document from Winston Churchill relating to the Polish component of this British Colonial Army that you may find interesting.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish cap badge  
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    Hey Tony,

    yeah absolutely I should be able to add some details regarding the West Africa Frontier Forces (WAFF). I'll dig through the pile of documents I have to see what I can find. Given that they'll be in English, they'll obviously be much easier to navigate than the Polish paperwork i have.

    I'll post a new thread once I have collated the necessary documents.

    On a slightly unrelated note, if you get a chance, would you mind having a quick look at one of my earlier threads regarding identifying a ribbon bar I found in my grandfather's collection? Help with Identifying Polish Ribbon from the 1930s

    thanks so much,


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    Oh, and thanks for the Churchill letter as well. That is a remarkable addition to my understanding of the circumstances that led him to go to Nigeria of all places!

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    Hi Andy,

    I did see your earlier thread and was inclined to agree with Andrzejku that it was more than likely the 10th Anniversary of Independence Medal, just very heavily faded out. I see a reasoned argument for it possibly being a Grupa Sportu Konnego ribbon, but question whether such a medal would rate to be worn on a uniform, and would be in the correct hierarchical order for placement ahead of the long service medal. Sorry that I cannot add anything more to help solve this one.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Was there a Polish military contingent in West Africa that helped guard the Polish National gold reserves when it was there for a time for safe-keeping?
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    Hey StefanM,

    I've started a new thread on Polish Officers in West Africa, and there posted a letter from Sikorski to the Officers on the topic. A great read.

    But to address your question...

    That may well have ben the case but these letters don't seem to point to that. I did some very basic preliminary research about when the gold was in West Africa (Dakar I believe, which is in Senegal) and it appears that the dates don't line up with the dates of the letters from Churchill and Sikorski, and certainly don't line up with my grandfather's timeline.

    BUt it has made me curious to learn more about the Polish Gold. A great little research avenue, so thanks for that. Perhaps someone in the other thread cam shed some light on the matter.



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