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Polish Forced Labour (Zwangsarbeiter/Fremdarbeiter) collection

Article about: by A.J. Zawadzki Hi Stefan, yes, very perceptive of you. Definitely the efforts of a left leaning group. You'll quickly spot the less-than-subtle hammer and scythe imagery on the cover: Atta

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    Default Ok few more work ID

    Work ID from many factory
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish Forced Labour (Zwangsarbeiter/Fremdarbeiter) collection   Polish Forced Labour (Zwangsarbeiter/Fremdarbeiter) collection  

    Polish Forced Labour (Zwangsarbeiter/Fremdarbeiter) collection  

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    My god! that is a fantastic collection!!!!

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    Thanks my friend this is just part :-)
    I have over 3000 ausweis , kenkarte and ID with photos from 2ww

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    Most welcome!
    It is not something you see every day and it left me speechless!
    Again, grt collection! surly took time & patience to build!

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    I am in skock! Is this for real?
    What a unique and great collection

    - - ------- - -

    I am in shock! Is this for real?
    What a unique and great collection

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    Quote by kindzjal View Post
    Some more from my collection:
    Hi Kindzjal
    We a POW dog tag that is almost identical but is number 675...belonged to the grandfather of my daughter in law and they are trying piece together info from his service in the Polish army.
    Do you know what transit camp this might be from?

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    Dear StefanM

    I work as the photo editor on a series of history books about World War II published by Bonnier Publications A/S.

    We found an image on WW 2 - German, Soviet, Western Allies uniforms, awards, militaria. War Relics forum, and would like to use it in one of our books.

    Please send me an email at hbv (at) and I can send you screenshots of the image and of the layout so you can see how we would like to use the image in the book.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Kind regards,

    Jasmina Nielsen

    Photo Editor
    En verden i krig / The World at War

    Bonnier Publications
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    DK-2100 Copenhagen

    Email: hbv (atI
    Bonnier Publications

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    My late father would always mention his time on a German Labour camp. It is just with recent research that I can confirm that he was in POW Camp XA for a year at age 15-16.....I have his release papers and a few photos of him there

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    Hello guys;

    when i read this topic, there raised a question with me;
    Was every Polish forced labourer required to wear the "P" on there clothes, or a selected part of the labourers? And madee the surveillance of Wehrmacht, or SS here a difference?

    Many thanx so far everyone
    Kindest regards,

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    Fascinating.... so sad.

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