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Polish Medals, documents & Red Cross Letter

Article about: Evening all, Iím new to the group, which i stumbled upon while trying to search for information on Polish medal ribbons. I am trying to find some information on my adopted granddads possessi

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    Has your father (as direct next of kin) tried contacting the Polish records section of the MoD for your grandfather's service record. This will list also all of the British awards he was entitled to receive and may also include other family information about him.
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    I have emailed them, i need to complete a consent form and scan death certificates at the weekend and they will release the records. They have confirmed they do have something for him but not what. I got the email address off this site too. So another plus!

    That last medal is a mystery, so hopefully his records will shed some light.



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    Quote by dropshort2000 View Post

    No i am a Royal Engineer. I used Dropshort2000, back in 2000 when i wrote to a Newspaper, throw them off the scent! ;-)

    5KDP Pocket Badge?
    Attachment 637910

    Is this what you mean?

    It is brilliant what i have been told on here. I wouldn't have known where to start. Fantastic site.
    Ah! a Sapper.

    Yep that's the pocket badge that matches the green Legitymacja. Worn on the left breast pocket below the button down flap. I think I am right in saying the the 2 Korpus badge was worn above the medal ribbons and left of centre as you look at the uniform. I'm sure that someone here will have the exact regulations.

    you may have a buff coloured Legitymacja which would list the British medals. I don't know what the red white & blue

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    How about posting the medal bar in the Allies section because some members don't travel far from home into such exotic locations such as the Polish militaria forum
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    Ubique! No i havent got a buff coloured Legitymacja, but i have contacted North Holt for Bronislaw's records, so hopefully that will cast some light on the last medal. I'll add the pocket badge to my list of things to buy! Thanks

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    I have posted in the Allies medal section. Hopefully someone can identify it. Cheers

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    Evening all,

    The military records have finally arrived at my Dad's. It appears the medal ribbon is wrong, even though Bronislaw is picture in uniform wearing them. His entitlement is:


    Monte Cassino
    Army Medal


    39-45 Star
    Italy Star
    Defence Medal
    War Medal 39-45

    It does beg the question how he got away wearing the incorrect medal ribbon and the medl and ribbon must exist otherwise how wasthe ribbon available to be mounted by mistake. One questioned answered many more questions created!

    Thanks for your help



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    Default Medal Ribbon mystery solved?

    It seems the mystery medal ribbon may be the South Africa Medal for War Services 39-45, with blue slightly faded. This is obviously a mistake, Michaels records confirm he wasn't entitled to this medal. I still find it strange how he was able to wear it? Very strange. He never bothered to get the Defence Medal or War Medal mounted after the War.

    Polish Medals, documents & Red Cross Letter

    Finally idetified thanks to Jim at

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    This is a real puzzel. Would I be correct in observing that the bottom line of medal ribbons are made from wound thread? If that is the case then I guess it might be possible that a mistake was made by the person who wound the thread.

    An intriguing piece of history

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    You are absolutely right, both the top and bottom rows of the medal ribbons are wound cotton and not like now where it is a piece of medal ribbon. I hadnít noticed that before. Good spot. Either way who ever put it together made a mistake, it appears the maker got War Medal 1939-45 confused with Medal for War Services 1039-45, how they did this i donít know, being awarded from different countries. I am also confused how he managed to get away with it?

    I may look to purchase a South African Medal for War Services to display with the correct medals. Think it would be a good conversation starter. We will never know now, Michael died in 1998 and his wife in 2008. We can but speculate now.

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