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POLISH PARA WINGS number ..ID ..can you help please ??

Article about: Hi all Just picked up a Polish Paratroopers grouping ,found in a house clearance in a tin and then sold to me !! If any one ,could be so kind to check the roll and let me know who he was ,id

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    Default Re: POLISH PARA WINGS number ..ID ..can you help please ??

    I just checked up a few more records ....
    Smulczynski was the "stick leader" in aircraft 44 ..
    In other words, he was "the man in the door" - 1st out ....

    Update ..
    Smulczynski was the Officer in charge of the 2nd Battalion Anti-tank Platoon

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    Default Re: POLISH PARA WINGS number ..ID ..can you help please ??

    Very interesting.


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    Czeslaw Smulczynski was my step great grandfather. My great grandmother Anna was his second wife. Following a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, (where my great grandmother lived during the war), I decided to search for him to find out more about him, because I was only a little girl when he told me all his stories. I was very upset to find that his medals - which he so proudly displayed by his beside had been sold. As his stepfamily, we felt that after his death and my great grandmother's death, they belonged to his adopted daughter, who wanted them. Needless to say, me and my mother are appalled that something we would cherish has been so disrespected. We would love to hear about what you have found.

    Many thanks.

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    Hello Kaolina , i did send you a message , but hope the following info is of interest ; the grouping of badges consisted of the honor badge of the 2nd rifle battalion, the lion with the 2 ,this was awarded to soldiers who went from the disbanded unit into the 1st parachute brigade,this was worn on the left pocket.Of note is his jump wings with combat wreath for Arhnem .Also the yellow kite collars are for parachute. There is a wound ribbon badge with two stars for two wounds recieved. And his regimental breast badge for the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division, which i believe was his initial unit in the uk. He was awarded the cross of valor for arhnem ,and i believe he reiceved the French "croix de guerre" fighting with the french prior to evacuating to the uk. If you have any further info i would love to hear, it would be wonderful if you have a photo of this brave man to share? kindest wishes Steve

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