Dear Forum Members,

I have been collecting Polish airborne insygnia and related items for over 15 years.
Several months ago I decided to combine work with pleasure. In the result I am writing PhD thesis about Polish Army parachute qualification badges 1941-1989 (at Wroclaw University, officialy since February this year).

In my thesis I started with a brief history of worldwide parachute forces until 1939 as well as history of Polish military parachuting from 1918 to 1989 (from independence to "independence"). I also wrote about first parachute wings prior 1939 - Italian, Soviet, German, French, British, US).

Regarding Polish para badges I will have 2 chapters:
- pre-1939 LOPP para badges and Polish Army in Exile parachute and glider badges (Znak Spadochronowy and Znak Szybowcowy)
- Communist Army para badges (Special Bn in Soviet Union and post WW II para/airborne Army formations)

I want to present origins of the badges, manufacturers, variants, awards, recipients, stories related to badges, requirements, ID cards, etc

I did research in the archives in London (Sikorski Institute and PUMST) and in different Polish military archives and museums.

I will be grateful for any help from other collectors, family members, etc. - any support and input will be mentioned in my thesis (with full copyrights).

Especially I am looking for:
- interesting variants of the badges (like re-strikes, duplicates, private orders, modifications, wings for foreigners, etc)
- ID cards (different issuing HQs)
- interesting portrait photos showing wear of badges (also Poles with foreign wings and foreigners with Polish wings)
- pics showing para badges awarding ceremonies,
- use of the badge on different documents,
- etc, etc

I have a plan to finish my efforts by summer 2015. I still have to visit a few archives and museums/collections in Poland.

In future I would also like to publish a book based on my PhD (depending on funds :-)

Dear Forum Members, I am counting on your help!
Additionally I will ask in person some distinguished collectors here.

With warm greetings