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Polish Regimental Badges WW2

Article about: Rare badge from this maker! Thanks for posting this nice clear picture. Regards, Tony

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    is there photographic evidence of a hallmarked Rattray & Co. example ? the two examples I have seen have been the production of William James Dingley with Birmingham hallmarks.
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    Well done Geoff. Existing reference sources picturing this badge ID these marks as those of Rattray & Co., Dundee. Not being too familiar with British hallmarks I had thought that the WJD possibly represented the initials of the craftsman that tooled the production dies. Perhaps Rattray sub-contracted production to Dingley?? This sort of practice was not at all uncommon with pre-war Polish badge / decoration production where competing makers seemed to be on very friendly and cooperative terms with each other, assisting in filling orders and such.

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    from book on hallmarks, pics of Rattray and Dingley cartouches ( sort of )
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    front of badge
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    nice to acquire these. depressingly, it is a split up group I am led to believe. oh well, thank heaven for small mercies. attributed to Henry Florek.
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    Hello Prosty Zolnierz,

    A nice group, now starts the search for the rest of his awards.

    I did a quick search of the MCC Recipients with no joy for a Henryk, though I did come across a Hieronim Florek awarded the KW and Bar who served in Tobruk in the infantry.

    Could this be the H Florek ?

    Best wishes


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    thank you Andrzej. not much to go on I am afraid. chaps name was Florek and was known as Henry. could be a British thing with Polish names as it can be a struggle with pronounciation. people tend to follow the least line of resistance. a Polish lad where I once worked whose name was Kazimierz was happy to be called Ken ! as far as the search for the rest of his awards etc. I have already given up. rainbows and all that.

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    Hello Prosty Zolnierz,

    With the help of Tomek (Thomas the Tank Engine) who confirmed the award of the SBSK Badge (Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade) Numbered 1962 was awarded to Strzelec Hieronim Florek whilst serving in the Brigade His service number was 6211.

    Hieronim went on to serve in Italy with 1BSK being awarded the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 4401 whilst a Kapral, His Army Number being : 1912-13-III, he was awarded the KW (Cross of Valour) and Bar.

    After the end of the war he decided not to return to Poland but to come to the UK instead where in 1947 in Cambridge he married Elizabeth MABLETT.

    In 1951 he applied for and was granted British Citizenship on the 15th January 1952 whilst living at 61 Stretton Avenue in Cambridge London Gazette issue Number 39489 Page 1402 11th March 1952. Hieronim was employed as a Hospital Orderly.

    Hieronim stayed in Cambridge and died there on the 21st April 2002 whilst living at 31 Victoria Park, Cambridge, CB4-3EJ.

    At least now you know who it was awarded to and his correct details.

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help to you Prosty Zolnierze

    Merry Christmas


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    thank you to the dynamic duo for expanding the details of Hieronim ( Henry ) Florek

    Merry Christmas
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    Default 1946 General Anders Armoured Cavalery School


    I am new to the forum, I have been interested in Polish militaria since I remember. I have bought this wonderful badge but I find it had find other example to compare if mine is geuine. What do you think? I would be thankful for opinions.


    Miko Click image for larger version. 

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