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Polish Regimental Badges WW2

Article about: Rare badge from this maker! Thanks for posting this nice clear picture. Regards, Tony

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    thank you very much in calling me an "expert", but I most certainly am not, if not I would have avoided purchasing the AA badge which is a well made fake purchased from ali baba in Poland. And you must be confusing me with someone else regarding giving dead certain answers...I have to compare it side by side with an original..and I stand by what I say..because I am NOT an expert...and you said you did make sure yours was whats your point? seems like we are saying the same thing....and if not ..please clarify rather than making snide remarks
    thank you

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Easy everybody !! ... keep it clean please ...

    We all have our areas of expertise .... and we all appreciate the knowledge shared here.
    We ALL can help each other, ... and learn something new !

    Lets keep the playing field on the level please, we have a progressive area here covering the Poles ... probably the best on the net !
    It has taken a fair amount of wrangling to get this up and running, so please again .. take things easy !


    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    couldnt agree more..
    but i think we should be free to question
    any item shown on the forum..
    as we are all here trying to learn

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    I've no problem with that, comparisons of existing items whether good or bad helps us all to avoid future pitfalls.

    There will be circumstances of disagreement, ... that is to be expected, ..
    .. But we are all grown ups here, and sometimes it is hard to bare the tidings of bad news ...

    Onward, and upward !


    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Hi Gary,

    I completely agree with you! My tiny advise would be that if somebody wants to question an item it would be desirable providing better evidence then "it looks to shiny". Asking informed questions and provide not biased evidence is what moves this forum "Onward, and upward !"


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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Dear Mr Moderator,

    I feel that one of the strengths of this forum is that all opinions no matter how small or 'unimformed" are welcome. After all some of us having been victim to scammers and purveyors of fakes are gaining a lot from all the information posted here, its truly a wonderful resource.

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    I feel like partly responsible for the dialogue that followed my posting the badge of 1 A Aircraft Artillery Badge.

    I totally agree with all All of You who see this forum as the platform to exchange ideas / experience / advice and expertise – even if the dialogue is sometimes challenging on the surface (personalities are surfacing!). Let’s keep the dialogue cool .

    Look at the result – objectively speaking – the great Forum – very good technical comments + actual findings about the badges that should find their way to books on the subject.
    Success by any measure – in my opinion.

    Let’s continue in this spirit and challenge all assumptions / dogmatic statements etc

    I would also propose that everybody sends 5-10 emails to Friends / Fellow Collectors etc to invite them to the Forum so we have even more people discussing the subject.

    Quick report from me – whole week in Canada – still trying to “locate” the badge of the Podhalanki Battalion of 1 Polish Armored Division – no positive result as yet.

    Best to all of You

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Just very quickly to add to the discussion about the Pilot’s Badge of PAF that we had earlier on this Forum.

    We had discussed the 2 types of the Pilot’s badge
    a) with the “scare”
    b) without one – that seems to be a early post war re-strike

    There is one with “the scare” listed on the ebay at the moment.
    I have uploaded pictures for the record

    * WW2 Polish Air Forces badge - PILOT EAGLE genuine !! on eBay (end time 04-Jul-10 20:01:51 BST)

    And added picture of the one form my collection.
    Attached Images Attached Images Polish Regimental Badges WW2 Polish Regimental Badges WW2 

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Hi There Fellow collectors !!!

    I'm new here and it's been my first post on that amazing Forum which I really started to admire recently.

    I respect Your great knowledge on Polish WW 2 PSZ/Z insignia and I'd like you to share your opinion about enclosed London made badge of 14 Pulk Ulanow Jazlowieckich.

    I've been told it to be original one however I wish I could hear some more professional description made by any of you who may have deeper knowledge on that particular badge.

    I'm slowly trying to build-up at least "base" for further PSZ insignia collection and I was offered that badge.

    Thanks in advance for your attention and prospective help !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish Regimental Badges WW2   Polish Regimental Badges WW2  

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    Default Re: Polish Regimetal Badges WW2

    Hello Paul, and welcome ...

    Looks to be a perfectly fine example of a 14 Pulk Ulanow Jazlowieckich Spink manufactured badge ..


    Gary J.

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