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Polish Regimental Badges WW2

Article about: Rare badge from this maker! Thanks for posting this nice clear picture. Regards, Tony

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    Quote by wadowicznic View Post
    . . . Steinhouer may have not copied Dalkowski’s spinner as the source suggest. . .
    That’s entirely possible, especially as it just seems strange to me that Steinhauer would have reproduced the Dalkowski spinner. The reason I say this is that it is a far more elaborate spinner than any of the other ‘standard’ types produced by this maker, which range from the outright crude to the very basic (as is the one for this SPA – a small thin disc). However, it is difficult not to give the benefit of the doubt to the Sikorski Museum publication cited earlier and with its well respected author. So I will hold to the veracity of that little booklet until being convinced otherwise.

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    Hallo everyone. My name is Stanislaw and I am brand new on this forum. I have been looking for You guys for a long time (3years) and I found the nest. Thanks! I have seen what You have, I have read what You know and I think Iam in right place (hope You will let me in). Forgive me for my english, nobody is perfect. I live in western Ireland and I love this land nearly as my Polska because (rzeka Bug to najpiekniejsza kobieta swiata) I mean the shape. So I do not have any contact with proffessionals but I keep collecting. It not easy living among sheeps and their owners but I love them. Thats I am happy that I have foud YOU. Subiect is: I was collecting euros for a whole year to buy good badge(s) but I do not want to loos them so I ask You a simple question (if You do not mind to answer) Is A Polishmilitaria a good seller? Unless You could recomend me someone. Regards Stan.

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    Hello Stan,

    Welcome to the forum and nice to have you on board, to quote on of our moderators! Unfortunately you didn't make it in time with your questions about Professor Wesolowski and his shop Polishmilitaria. We had a thread about him and his items but since there were mixed opinions about him the administrators decided to close it. Hence, I am looking forward to see how the other members on this forum will advise you in this matter Would you like my opinion about the dear Professor please send me a private message, since we wouldn't like having this thread censored as well.


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    Hey Staislaw and welcome to the forum!

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    Greetings Stan,

    My advice, for what it is worth, is this; as someone starting to collect Polish militaria is do not jump right in on a purchase no matter who the seller is or how tempting that Polish treasure appears to be, the whole militaria market is swamped by exceptionally high quality replicas, restrikes and downright forgeries and I am sure even the most experinced collectors here have been caught out at one time or another— I certainly have. As to "trusted" dealers there will be people who have good experiences and some who have had negative experiences with any seller you care to mention, its a fact of life. When you find something tugging away at your hard earned savings post a photo on here and ask for the collective forum wisdom on the item before making a committment to buy, nine times out of ten you will get someone on here that can advise if something is worth your hard earned savings. A reputable seller will send you as many photos and information as requested if they don't then walk away, there will always be another opportunity. Welcome to the forum and good luck with building your collection.
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    Sorry. Ooops. Is this badge ok? I do not think so, but who could do it? Not Mr. Panasiuk.

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    Name:  U16 org..JPG
Views: 753
Size:  18.3 KBName:  U16 org. rev.JPG
Views: 733
Size:  19.0 KB Hallo again dear forum members. I would like to ask You for a proffessinal opinion. I know history of this badge since 1939. But same problem: who made it?

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    here some other examples to compare yours with
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	135249264_4.jpg 
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ID:	154819   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	135249264_1.jpg 
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ID:	154820  

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    Thanks a lot Mr Dorava for Your reply.Up till now I thought, there were only 3 makers of this badge (16th reg.) Gontarczyk, Wabinski and one more from Bydgoszcz, do not remember the name (names). Thanks anyway a lot. I just sent an email to experts from Desa in Krakow. I think thats my last chance to find out who made those badges. Regards Stan.

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