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Polish Regimental Badges WW2

Article about: Rare badge from this maker! Thanks for posting this nice clear picture. Regards, Tony

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    Quote by Reynard View Post
    Artur on the right.
    It looks like Artur was awarded and is wearing Virtuti Militari?

    Thanks for posting
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    Thank you again for posting great parts of Polish history, it is an honor to have picture and documents of a war heroes on the forum. Your grandfather Artur was awarded Virtuti Militari, it is great part of your family history.

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    I believe my grandad was awarded his VM when he saw action in the Polish - Bolshevik war as an infantry captain in the 5th PP. He was also awarded the KW three times. I'm still trying to piece together his story completely - and it's a long and fascinating one...

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    Maybe if your grandfather was a captain in 1920,he fought in battle od Bialystok? 5PPLeg and 1PPLeg fought in my city, i have a very nice book about this piece of history: "Największa bitwa w dziejach miasta" Opracował: Marek Gajewski

    Best Regards

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    A while back I was able to obtain from the Polish Army Records Centre the service record of General Bronislaw Chrusciel who served with 5PPLeg and was awarded the VM KW x 4 etc for the Polish-Bolshevik War.

    I just thought that I would get a typed letter similar to the M-O-D does for Polish service in WW2, I was amazed when I recieved the package they had photocopied everything over 40 pages, it might be worth the price of a stamp to try.

    I also have in my possession the Rocznik Oficerski for 1924 and 1932 plus issues of Polish Daily Orders, which list the dates when awards were announced.

    Let me know if I can be of any help

    Best wishes


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    Thanks gentlemen! I'll start a new thread so as not to hijack this one and post what I know on it. Then perhaps you'll be able to help me fill in the gaps... It's really appreciated.

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    An unexpected bonus regarding the SPA badge - a photo of my dad actually wearing it, found whilst rummaging around in another box of random bits... He's on the extreme right and you can see the badge on the left pocket of his tunic. Grandad is in the middle. The identity of the other three officers are a mystery.

    Polish Regimental Badges WW2

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    2 things
    1. The quality of recent posts have been amazing both in terms of finds and provenience
    2. I have just noticed that we have achieved more than 100,000 – “click / viewings” – I would say it is the milestone of relevance and we all deserve “Bravo”

    Looking forward continuing!

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    A milestone indeed ! ... thanks to all who have contributed !

    Gary J.

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    Just registered. Anyone have a picture of the badge for the 69th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Army ( regiment formed at Gniezno as 11 Wielkopolska, assigned to 17th Inf Div ). Anything really - flags, shields, emblems? My granddad's regiment in 1920.

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