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Polish War Movies

Article about: Greetings All, I have been going through the lists of books, web resources, etc. How about a list of Polish war movies and war movies with Polish content. These are the ones that I have. Krz

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    The Way Back ...directed by Australian Peter Weir. Story about a group of Siberian Gulag escapes in early WW2 that cross the mountains in Tibet to reach freedom in India.

    Was supposedly a true story but since disproved. Still a wonderful inspiring movie of perseverance, the leader of the group is a Polish officer captured by the Soviets in 1939. Beautifully filmed!

    Quote by Gary J View Post
    And slightly to one side a Czech film ... Dark Blue World
    Imho Dark Blue World is one of the best movies about the 1940 air war above Britain. Better than The Battle of Britain.

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    I thought i would take the time to compile quite a list of Polish War films, series and documentaries or films with Polish content, most of which haven't been posted yet. There is many more but these are the easiest to obtain from either shops or the internet. Also here is a good site where you can download films and documentaries and kroniki reals. As long as you have an ok knowledge of Polish i think it can be managed to register and download Materiały dokumentalne forum :: Strona Główna

    Most of the films have trailers on youtube if you type in the name or the whole film is sometimes available to watch.

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    As Crosses are a Measure of Freedom (Bo Wolnosc Krzyzami sie Mierzy) 1989 English narration directed by Krysztof Szmagier.
    Documentary about 2PolCorps under General Anders.

    Not seen it, still trying to find a copy!!!
    I collect, therefore I am.

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    You can watch it on youtube without the english narration

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