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Article about: Hallo Can I kindly request some kind of identification of this cap? Generally I interest about the eagle couse cap definitely its original (Moss brothers) its a fake or original and its war

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    I probably have some black chinstrap buttons if you want some.

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    definitely, appreciate but question is why somebody put it in this way...what I mean that cap as a cap can have some minuses, wrong details if they are from age. Like You said they were carved from what they have. Eagle is a question....If a eagle is original I will leave it as is now..If not for me there is no sense to play...

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    Hi orson00, welcome to the best forum around for information. I have 5 of these RAF officers caps, 3 early WW2 and 2 mid WW2 and all have the fabric chinstrap buttons. I have never seen one of these caps with what looks like side cap front buttons, I have only seen the fabric type. Be nice to see what the inside of the cap looks like, just doesn't look right to me but that's just my opinion.

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    thanks. that is why put it here..more important for me is opinion than lost money.its a to much questions connected to...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RAF/PSZ cap   RAF/PSZ cap  

    RAF/PSZ cap  

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    her's a good one a friend of mine sold last year

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    Eagle is completely different and wings around bird have more "soft" curves. Maybe some polish badges specialist can finish this topic???
    thanks Asterperious

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    Look how crookedly is the Eagle applied . No Polish soldier or Polish Officer would wear that. Yes they used what they had, but military principles are same all over the World, insignia has to be on "straight ".

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    Exactly Krakow1, that was the first feeling when it came .....Anyway I think, think hehehe and decided the best way (also from respect to cap itself..maybe Owner was using this in real battles before some idiot f...up it) will be to put it straight..Asterperious if You be some kind and share this elements of oryginal cap which said You have (on prive) , from my side I will find original metal eagle of PAF and than at least it will look normal (even self made)..Then She can join the rest..Gentleman what You think about?

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    Sorry for chiming in late, but let's put this one to rest. Ade and Krakow both have the trained eyes of seasoned collectors to discern something is amiss. This is absolutely a put together fake. The eagle is a modern copy. These are often falsely aged and stuck onto period or early post war RAF hats, and rest assured, this won't be the first one of these you'll encounter.

    And orson00, of course it is your hat to do what you want with, bit I would not mess with this one any further by applying a metal eagle. Save your time and effort and hunt down a real one. They are out there, and with some patience you'll find one. Only a genuine one will satisfy, and the other half of the fun will be in the hunt.

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    Cap is hidden and forgotten already and my mind is free... and I start looking for real one..

    Thanks for all You guys for opinions and help.

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