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Recognise anyone? Naples 25 April 1945

Article about: Can you help identify who these men are please? On the back is written: “Napoli 25.4.1945 left for England at 1 o clock pm on the New Holland” (ship name – he may be mistaken, it could have

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    I think some of these guys were meant to be dropped into occupied Poland, the only Polish Paratroopers in Italy were cichociemni, SOE trained soldiers. Plus one of them has Infantry collar tabs but a paratrooper badge. In 1944 'cichociemni' were dropped into Poland flying out of Italy because the distance was much shorter then flying out of England. They all qualified for the Italy star.

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    Quote by winnie View Post
    Yes thanks that's what I'll do. I'm just doing some research first so I can write up what I know and get the photos into some order. Hence asking knowledgeable people such as yourselves on this forum.

    To answer a previous question about who my father served with...
    In the photo I was hoping someone might recognise a face of anyone who served with Tadeusz Lisicki's intelligence or perhaps the II Polish Corps for the following reasons. But I am new to this research, please correct me if necessary.

    My father’s service record is vague. From mid August 1943 it reads he was with “the Signals Units of the 1st Polish Armoured Division”… “then with Polish General Headquarters Signals in the UK”.

    Tadeusz LISICKI was in Polish Intelligence at Battle of Monte Cassino and I guess my father may have gone there with him. Tadeusz Lisicki was referred to as a leading communications specialist who in 1943 was a communications battalion commander stationed in Stanmore near London ref,Historia?id=161319 My father had involvement at Stanmore too, and his signals slip dated 3 Feb 1944 has Chief of Staff, Battalion Commander Major Lisicki’s initials on the back.

    Then Monte Cassino was Jan to May 1944, yes? The photo caption reads – left Naples 25 April 1945. Perhaps the company pictured was the II Polish Corps under command of General Zygmunt Bohusz-Szyszko who I believe later became CO. In April 1944 ref they were tasked to take Bologna, Italy and then 23 April stood down. So it could be them leaving on the 25th.

    Mostly on the internet Tadeusz Liskiki is only mentioned in reference to the naming of Rejewski's bomba kryptologiczna Wikipedia writes that Lisicki knew cryptographers Rejewski and his colleague Henryk Zygalski in wartime Britain but was never associated with the Cipher Bureau.

    Early on about 1939 / 1940 he’s referred to as Cpt. Eng. Tadeusz Lisicki Radio Company Commander at Camp Coetquidan (died in 1991 at the level of Brigadier General (translation) .
    There's a photo of Lisicki at My father enlisted in France

    Tadeusz Lisicki wrote a book, "Ła̜czność w bitwie o Monte Cassino" 1984 pub: Skiorski Insitute.
    This was reprinted in "The Enigma Bulletin" Issue 1 Dec 1990 pages 49,50 entitled
    "Polish Radio Intelligence in the Battle of Monte Cassino".
    I'll have to look around for a copy or ask the Institue if they have one
    - unless anyone here has a (translated) copy?
    I can put you in touch with a Polish historian in London who was at Stanmore and is a specialist in Polish signals. Will dig out his address and PM you with the details.
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    as a footnote, given the logistics that would have been involved , it was never on the cards that 1SBS were to realise there raison d'etre.

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