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Red Devils! Jews at the Battle of Arnhem, Sept. 1944

Article about: This thread is not a discussion about the myths of Jewish Bolshevism but the participation of Polish Jews in the Battle of Arnhem so maybe we should stick that subject.

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    Anybody have Polish Field Para badge ?
    I have only fake one .

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    Quite a few have been shown in various threads ..
    Just do a search using Polish Paratrooper Badge ..

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    Thank You !
    ( I'm new on forum ... )

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    I read this book...Stephan....didn't know you were involved

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    Quote by paragon man View Post
    I read this book...Stephan....didn't know you were involved
    I hope you enjoyed it.

    Blowing my own trumpet.....I am the co-publisher of the book and also wrote the "Historical Horizon" chapter on the background to the formation of 2PolCorps and the political wrangling that went on over Poland during and post WWII.

    This is a link to the Huffington Post article by the late author of the Ice Road:

    Dr. Stefan Waydenfeld: 'The Ice Road': My Life In A Siberian Labor Camp
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    Damn straight I enjoyed the book....I have always found it ironic how Jews were blamed for Bolshevism( and many Bolsheviks were Jews...the only group with the intellectual capacity and enough historical mistreatment in Russia to sow revolution)...but Jews have written some of the best first person accounts of the Gulag. I find it amusing how people are quick to point out Jewish involvement in communism but conveniently ignore all of the first person accounts of deportation to Siberia written by Jews....Man is wolf to man is one that pops up and there is another by a man who becomes a prominent plastic surgeon in Nebraska...but I cant remember it. No matter...there is much proof of Jewish suffering under the Soviets in spite of Lazar Kaganovich and his ilk. Send me a list of your work if you have time.

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    Stefan Weydenfeld and his family never considered themselves as Jews but Polish as did many like him. There was a vast difference bewteen the Polish Jews in the West of Poland and those Jews of Russian origins in eastern Poland who before the signing of the treaty of Riga after the Polish-Soviet war were in the Pale of Settlement in Tsarist Russia rather than Poland. The "eastern" Jews of the former Pale of Settlement resented what they considered the "occupation" of their land by Poland.

    The myth of Judeo-Bolshevism persists much like the belief in the Protocol of the Elders of Zion.
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    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    One thing I found interesting about his book was his description of his fathers friend...a fellow doctor I believe....who was a large man and lost a lot of weight during their stay in the Gulag. Weydenfeld mentined to his father how much weight this man had lost and how much skin there was left over...and if I remember correctly didn't Weydenfeld's father fish out a bug of some kind living in a child's ear with some kind of oil?

    I ask for your opinion...and am not trying to provoke an has always been my impression that many of the early Bolsheviks were indeed Jewish...much research points to it...what is the truth? Were all, some or none at all Jewish? I have always read Trotsky was....and Lazar Kaganovich (architect of the Ukrainian Holimodor) was to the extent Stalin forbade Jewish jokes in front of Kaganovich. Stalin murdered most of these men...and was on his way to getting more at his death...but...exactly in your opinion...what is fact and what is myth? I do not know what the elder s of zion is....

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    Stefan Weydenfeld and his family were so-called non-free free settlers and were sent to a labour/work camp rather than a Gulag camp as were most of those Poles deported from Eastern Poland by the Soviets. Of those Poles deported to Siberia and the arctic camps about 23% were Polish Jews. The labour camps were classed as free settlements but those in the free settlements were not free to leave. Stefan Weydenfeld described his experiences in the labour camp as both harrowing and also on a teenage boys level an adventerous time in his life.

    A wiki link regarding Jewish Bolshevism

    "...In 1917, the Bolshevik party had about 23,000 members, of whom 364 were known to be ethnic Jews."

    "...Jews in relatively large numbers joined various ideological currents favoring gradual or revolutionary changes within the Russian Empire. Those movements ranged from the far left (anarchists, Bundists, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks) to moderate left (Trudoviks) and constitutionalist (Constitutional Democrats) parties."
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Good post...I don't trust all. has good notes on the sources for our subject/the article you sent...but overall wiki is not a reputable intellectual resource. What is an ethnic Jew and what are the elders of zion you mentioned?

    I have always been of the opinion higher numbers of Jewish involvement were involved in early Bolshevism than that (but for other reasons besides of justifying facism or anti semtism) only makes sense as they were the most mistreated and abused subjects ....and had the intellectual background/culture devoted to education necessary to lead political change....if the numbers are actually that low...there were certainly a high percentage in the matter...Jews were affected adversely by communism just like everyone Waydenfelds family...and the many other numerous accounts of Jews sent to the gulag.

    Part of the problem with this subject is no one is truly able to address it bc it is so politically explosive....and anti semitic in nature based on today s political climate. Middle minded observation will observe that it was only natural for Jews to search for revolution against the Czar bc of his treatment of Jews through out the high level of leadership by Jews early on is somewhat overlooked bc of Hitler and Mein Kampf and this myth that you dispel. What one will find is that they did have involvement at high leadership cannot over state the affect Leon Trotsky and Lazar Kaganovich had on the lives of millions...not to mention other Jews at high leadership positions. Bolshevism required intellectual prowess at the higher levels. It is from here that there is a semi truth involved...but not the truth as told by Adolf Hitler and other facist organizations to this day. It cannot be denied that these people took only fuels the mindset of the side we detest.

    I appreciate your discussion here....please send me some of your other research/work to consider.

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