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Replace/Replica WW2 medals

Article about: I have been doing research into my grandfathers past, to learn more about his service and with the idea of replacing the medals that were stolen from him on his arrived into the UK. I have f

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    Default Replace/Replica WW2 medals

    I have been doing research into my grandfathers past, to learn more about his service and with the idea of replacing the medals that were stolen from him on his arrived into the UK. I have found out lots of information and im currently going through it all - I need to brush up on my polish.

    After contacting RAF Northolt, I found out that although my grandfather was awarded his British medals, he never actually received them, so they should be with us in the new year. However, I dont know how to go about getting replacement or replica medals for his polish awards. I think I read a while back that the polish government stopped issuing replacements in 2000, is that correct? If that is the case, who do I contact about getting replacement medals made? I would prefer them to be high quality as close to the originals as possible.

    Thanks for any help?

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    Hello Justin,

    Currently the M-O-D replacement medals have a larger suspension ring on them and are easily recognized, I would therefore recommend that you find a medal dealer who can sell you authentic WW2 British Stars and War and Defence medals (always check the suspension on the defence medal has they are some times loose pick one that is firm.

    With regards to your Grandfathers Polish medals, these are available on the market although always post a photo of the obverse and reverse on the Forum to be sure that they are originals.

    I wish you the best of luck in obtaining replacement medals for your Grandfathers Group.

    Best wishes


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    A nice idea Justin, something for the family in the future!

    I don't know about the Polish government policy on replacements but I suppose there may well be a cost implication if they do provide replacements at all.

    Polish medals from the pre-communist period are not that hard to find although some can be a bit pricey compared to British campaign / service medals. In the case of any medals that are named / serial numbered there are service providers who can re-name items if that is what you want to do.

    Do you know which medals you are seeking? If so list them here and you never know what we might turn up between us all!


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    Thanks for the replies.

    Im not really interested in buying other soldiers medals, as they were awarded to someone else (if you know what I mean, does that make sense?). The current MOD replacement medal will be fine and Im looking forward to their arrival.

    With regards to the Polish meals, I have found out that my grandfather was awarded the Monte Cassino Cross, The Cross of Valor and the Army Medal for the 1939-1945 War. If I cant get official replacement medals from the Polish government I was looking for a good quality replacement, not the cheap ones I have found on ebay. Cost isn't really an issue.

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    Hello Justin,

    On ebay uk, there is a Monte Cassino Cross numbered 49096, this is a original cross but was not awarded would this be of any use to you?

    #754, ww2 Free Polish Medal The Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross No 49096 genui | eBay

    Best wishes


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    Thanks Andrzej,

    I missed out on it, but will try and contact the seller to see if he still has it as it doesnt look like it sold .

    Really appreciate the help.

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