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Stanisław Skalski?

Article about: I'm not speak Polish

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    I'm not speak Polish

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    He is saying that a journalist came to visit him and says that a Jewish officer who beat him is dead and asked about the Jews that were beating him, Gen Skalski says it was not Jews that were beating me, the Jews in most case were the officers giving the orders in the NKVD or UB, it was the 'chamy', the Polish low class that worked for the NKVD that beat me.
    He goes on to say 'if you want me to testify the Jewish way, then F@&K OFF'. That is the only way you can translate the Polish 'wypierdalaj'.

    He was a character General Skalski, a pilot with 18 kills, decorated with atleast 10 bravery awards and for all his troubles when he comes back to Poland is arrested, tortured and sentenced to death. 8 years in a stinking communist prison.

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    Thank You !

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