Not to hijack the thread on badges, I thought I'd start a new one on the subject of the SPA in exile based at Coetquidan in Brittany as I've since found some more items related to the badge and it'd be good to put it all together. I hope that you'll all enjoy it.

The badge:

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The legitymacja:

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Photo of my dad wearing the badge (he is on the far right):

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Now for the items I have just put my hands on... Firstly, the completion certificate for the course. Alas, my dad was not blessed with brains - his grade was "barely adequate" :

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Next, two envelopes containing letters adressed to my dad while at the SPA in Coetquidan - the one in French with the stamps from the Camp St-Loup is from grandad and the one in Polish is from grandmother, who was living in Paris at the time:

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And lastly, a "pamientnik" of sorts for the soldiers attending the SPA in Brittany. On the cover, you can see the shield which is the coat of arms of Brittany - a field of ermine. When you look at the badge and certificate, you can see how that coat of arms has been incorporated and changed - from the heraldic symbol for ermine to the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Below is the cover, then the bit on the last page which is quite interesting, and then a spread to show the extent of the 67-page document:

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