In the closed 'prof' thread 3DSK mentioned 'The youngest VM recipient in Polish history is the 13 year old Antoś Petrykiewicz'

This reminded me of my own earlier post:

In the truly gritty and dramatic book 'Silent is the Vistula'; an eyewitness account of the Warsaw Uprising written in 1946 by young AK medic Irena Bytniewska (whose nom de plume was Irene Orska and died in 1986) she writes of an 8-year-old girl during the 'Rising being recipient of the 'Virtuti Militari' Poland's highest awarded of valour for her bravery as an AK liaison runner. This must be the youngest recipient of the V.M. during the 'Rising and maybe even youngest ever recipient of this award? Is there anyway of checking?

Was Irena Bytniewska wrong? Her book doesn't mention a name for the young girl. Maybe this VM was awarded during the 1944 Uprising and the record has be lost? Anybody know how many VMs were awarded during the Upising and who was the issuing authority in Warsaw at the time?