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Colourised film of the Warsaw uprising

Article about: Contains images of death!.....Interesting film of the Warsaw uprising, the only thing i can pick fault with is the short clip of Soviet assault gu

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    So right Steve, every time my Polish friends hear the word Russia they spit with anger!...
    I understand them completely. Look at the invasion of Ukraine and the illegal occupation of Crimea. Putin wants to retake the countries of eastern Europe by claiming he is protecting the Russian speakers there. Just like Hitler did with the Sudetenland and then taking all of Czechoslovakia. Poland will be the country that Russia wants to take now. His biggest problem Is NATO. He knows he will get Russia's butt kicked. The flabby, beady eyed, midget Putin who rides Shetland ponies without a shirt on trying to look tough and bigger on the pony. I feel sorry for the Russians under his iron fisted control.
    Oh well his comparison to Adolph Hitler is dead on. Putin knows he Can't beat The USA, Great Britain, France, etc..
    Russians have a word that fits Putin to a T. "Schmoe".

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    If you continue having problems viewing such clips then set up a tor browser through Firefox. It bounces your IP around, and often gets you into countries that you normally couldn't.

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    I'm in the States and got the same message when trying to link through normally.

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    So am I and I got the same message until I went through the tor browser.

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    I also was unable to watch the video. I wonder why it can not be showed in the USA. I believe we were involved in the defeat of the 3rd Reich.


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    This is weird. Now I can't see the video anymore. I see this as a communist conspiracy.

    I put on my tinfoil hat and did several boogie woogie dances offering up the Cuba Libres I was consuming still no luck. I did a rain dance just in case but all I got was a shower later in the evening.
    Maybe I should have offered up a shot of Saki. That can be potent stuff when you are not use to it. I think that is why Saki shot glasses are so small. WTF ?

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