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`Cursed Soldiers` Thread

Article about: by 3mk The broken part of the wing on the eagle was used to show that their members of the NSZ Hi Emil, I think I finally found for my collection one of the eagles you have Do the markings Z

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    I agree. That's where I thought an Inglis Hi Power might have come from. Would make sense if airdropped with Stens.

    Not sure if the OSS or SOE would have access to Belgium Hi Powers after the German invasion. But the British Purchasing Commission bought Argentinian HAFDASA Ballester-Molina .45's to airdrop to partisans. Probably the same with the Spanish Star and Colts.

    And the Brits would most certainly be able to get the Inglis copy from Canada. Not completely sure, but I believe the rear ramp sight pistols were Chinese contract pistols and may not have been all delivered.

    Any chance of getting the serial number?

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    I think we would have to write to the museum to get the serial numbers. It might be Belgian? I found this picture in my online archive, most likely from the military museum in Warsaw or the Warsaw Uprising museum.

    `Cursed Soldiers` Thread
    `Cursed Soldiers` Thread

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