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Silent Heroes of the Forgotten Holocaust
Mission Statement -
The Poles experienced an enormous tragedy during the Nazi and Soviet occupation of their country. The genocidal policies of the Nazis and Soviets resulted in the deaths of about as many Ethic Poles during and after the war, thus making them co-victims in a "Forgotten Holocaust." This Polish Gentile holocaust has been largely ignored because historians who have written on the subject of the Holocaust have chosen to interpret the tragedy in exclusive terms. To them, the Holocaust was unique to the Jews, and they therefore have had little or nothing to say about this savage part of history. May we never forget that Poland was attacked by both the Nazis and the Soviets. They were butchered by both and then abandoned by the allies. Yet they fought on and never surrendered. How is it that we do not remember these brave souls, that we do not pay tribute to them when they fought and died for America and Britain. We shall not betray them again...