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Kamienie na Szanie - Film

Article about: For those interested in the Polish Home Army there is a new film in the works. Whilst growing up I read the book and it had a very big impact on my life especially because it was a true stor

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    Default Kamienie na Szanie - Film

    For those interested in the Polish Home Army there is a new film in the works. Whilst growing up I read the book and it had a very big impact on my life especially because it was a true story. For those that never read the book, it is the story of 3 best friends, who are boy scouts, they became part of the Home Army and after one is captured by the Gestapo the 2 other friends want to free him by attacking the transport he is in, after a few days they recieve permission from the High Command and 29 men take part in the daring operation, daylight, middle of occupied Warsaw, only 2 armed with Stens the rest with pistols. The story was filmed once already in the film 'Akcja pod Arsenalem'.

    Here is a trailer for the new film:

    KAMIENIE NA SZANIEC - zwiastun teaserowy (HD) - w kinach od 7 marca 2014! - YouTube

    For further reading:

    Akcja pod Arsena

    Operation Arsenal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Here's another trailer:

    KAMIENIE NA SZANIEC - zwiastun ostateczny (HD) - w kinach od 7 marca 2014! - YouTube

    Looks amazing. Has anyone seen it?

    Does anyone have any other recommendations for Polish films set during the occupation, telling the story of the AK?


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    Kanał (1956) Polish film directed by Andrzej Wajda about the failed Rising 1944 is still excellent for being set in the still extant ruins of Warsaw.
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    I'm a huge movie fan. Especially those connected somehow with history ( in general). I can add to the list
    - Andrzej Wajda: Ashes and Diamonds (Popiół i diament) - about young AK boy. It's available on yt. Really ,,strong''. For me wonderfool shots. I still remember some scenes although it's been years since I saw it. Old but awesome.
    - General Nil (2009) by Ryszard Bugajski- The tumultuous life of General August Emil Fieldorf aka "Nil", who commanded the underground Home Army against the Nazis and was killed after WW2 by communists. I saw it, also interesting. A bit brutal. Shows how the life of people who fought firstly with Nazis, then communists haven't actually changed. It was just another occupant.
    - Dzien Czwarty 1884 by Ludmila Niedbalska about first four days of Warsaw Rising. One of the insurgent was very talented and promising poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski, who unfortunately lost his life during the rising.
    - Zamach (1958)- The AK Command issued an order to remove Franz Kutschera - the inglorious executioner of Warsaw.

    And of course above mentioned Kamienie na Szaniec. There is also tv series which are telling story about polish officers, who were trained in Scotland and then, in the night, dropped on parachutes in Poland. Their role was to fight with occupant and train polish people how to do it. It's name is Czas Honoru.

    I hope I helped a little.

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    Hello Mel, welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. General Nil remains on my ‘yet to be seen’ list, with Czas Honoru being a new addition, thanks to your post. I have a long flight to Poland in three weeks and will try to download those for viewing on my ipad.

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