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Marian Bernaciak

Article about: Witam szukam informacj na temat wyzej wymienionej osoby ktora byla dowodca zgrupowania Ak w rej Ryk Deblin Pulaw .Jej pseldo to Orlik .Interesuje mnie w szczegolnosci nieznane i ukrywane inf

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    The only people that hated Orlik and still hate him were communist and their offspring.

    Marek, you did not read the book I mentioned, I set a trap yesterday by showing you these materials and you said you read them.

    If you read this book you would know that Jerzy Slaski, VM after his escape form NKVD POW Camp along with 40 plus people joined Orlik and his company.


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    Interesting. Thank you.

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    I see that you have any books out there, and what is in them is zecz as holy cow in idiach and let you bendzie so much by reading this you are maybe not stupid but naive, assuming that there is the whole truth about Orlik .Tam is everything that can create it on the human good and so much that I know the other side of the coin for which no durnowata book does not even mention the on command Olrkia killed pol weddings where none of those present did not mail anything to do with Ub or even Germany and yet they killed about one word do not mention it and that in Stężyca raped and killed totally innocent girlfriend and Orlik Aug. ago, watched and did not even lift a finger I continue to exchange the murder of innocent people? a bond to me is that a lot of

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    Hello Krakow1, thanks for showing us glimpse of your extensive library on the topic , and knowledge of the subject matter. The counter arguments posted Marek are not understandable and moreover fall outside the purpose of this forum. Marek, please feel to continue this discussion via the forum's private email or elsewhere. This thread is now closed.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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