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My fathers possessions

Article about: I wanted to show you the documents and other items I have belonging to my father, I was unsure whether to post in AK section or Polish forces in the west as there are connections to both. I

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    forced labor was he jewish or did that happen to any one?
    Forced labour camps saw a vast variety of people persecuted. Indeed, the Jewish contingent even had a specialised category of forced labour camp established for them alone, within the ZAL system (ZAL = Zwangsarbeitslager / Forced Labour Camp) - known as ZALfJ (Zwangsarbeitslager fr Juden / Forced Labour Camp for Jews).

    Many thanks to Jan for kindly sharing his family history with us.


    Currently working on several KZ related projects, including items for the USHMM, Gro-Rosen Museum and various private concerns and studies. Available as a guide to KZ sites, contact for details.

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    thank you very much for sharing

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    Great story and great items. Thank you for sharing them
    with us.
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    Quote by Jan Szczygie View Post
    Jan, thank you for sharing your father's inspiring wartime history.

    Regarding your comment about him only claiming one medal and that in 1970, I noticed the two ribbons on his battledress and wondered what awards they are?

    Regards, Philip

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    DrPMC - The ribbons he is wearing were identified for me by Tony (A.J. Zawadzki ) he told me they are the Cross if Valour and the Polish Army War Medal and above them is a ribbon for being Wounded in action.

    Krakow1 - he started with Zgr. Sosna, bat. Chrobry 1, only joining Chrobry 2 after the escape from Stare Miasto through Kanal.

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