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Is it needed - a Forum within Polish Militaria for discussion?

Article about: Fellow members and guests of the Polish forums... Sometimes discussions develop in the threads that lead off topic or perhaps 'bog' down the thread in some way. Sometimes the mods need to re

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    The reason for the initial formation of the Polish section, was to see if there was a strong enough interest in the "subject" to sustain progressive threads and interest.
    So far, "our" section has been one of the cleanest sub forums where there has been very few clashes of a semi personal or political nature.
    To that extent, it is pleasing to see 99.9% of the members behaving in a friendly and adult manner, thus causing no particular grudges / hang ups.

    Also note, that two of the Polish threads have been in the top 10 viewed and added to in the last couple of years.

    This I believe had led to the "under dog" Polish section thriving here, and personally I would not like to diversify in a direction that might cause polarization amongst the members. (Excuse the pun).

    The basis from the start, was to keeps things clean, keep things friendly, be helpful, and ALL to enjoy, and ALL to learn.

    Thats my standpoint.

    With Respect.

    Gary J.

    Remembering the old adage ! .. "How many Poles doe's it take to start an argument" ???
    .... If you answered one and a half, you are correct !!
    .... Or, None, .. they just argue !

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    If the History and Research section works in the other groupings, such as soviet Militaria then there is no reason at all that the Polish one will not be even better and educational.

    It would be nice cover topics on Battles, Bunker systems, Military History events and so on. I think there is quite a lot packed in just 4 sub sections and many threads on pages past 1 seem to be missed out for in depth posting.

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    We've done our best to get a recognized Polish area up and running, as many military forums would not even consider one section, let alone four.

    Considering the size and depth of today's web, with a little time, even the most unusual in-depth subjects can be found.
    Hence, the use of the "stickys" to highlight further research and pointers to other web resources that already cover other aspects of interest in depth.

    We only cover the field loosely of collecting, ..... allowing for a certain amount of expansion within each thread.

    We are quite happy to expand the quickfire reference area among the "stickys", but our core has been, and will remain around the collecting field, and it's technical boundries.

    We can only do so much, and the preference of quality over quantity is the way this forum area was envisaged and thus thrived.


    Gary J.

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