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Poland hopes to ID WWII Witold Pilecki 's remains

Article about: Poland hopes to ID WWII hero's remains

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    Default Re: Poland hopes to ID WWII Witold Pilecki 's remains

    I finally had some free time last night to watch the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum event in honour of Witold Pilecki. It was very heartwarming to see Pileckiís memory acknowledged in this manner. I especially appreciated the introductory comments by the museumís director Ms. Sara Bloomfield, and was also impressed with the participants, Dr. Timothy Snyder of Yale University in particular.

    After the program I spotted this short clip on the YouTube sidebar titled ďThree Questions . . .Ē that introduced me to Terry Tegnazian of Aquila Polonica, publishers of the previously mentioned The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery. WOW, what a stirring testimonial! All the more impressive as Ms. Tegnazian is not of Polish ancestry.

    My only real awareness of Aquila Polonica was that our own 4th Scorpion briefly mentioned some involvement, and that they published some historical titles and for all I knew Polish cookbooks and tourist brochures as well. I never looked into them any further.

    I now know that this publishers sole mission is making previously inaccessible and largely unknown Polish language sources available to an English speaking audience. Ms. Tegnazian is a dynamic and well spoken ambassador for the cause of preserving the accurate history of the Poles in WW2, and evidently has come to a thorough understanding of the Polish experience. After watching this short interview I wanted to reach into my screen and hug her! Aquila Polonica is doing important work and is most worthy of all of our support. Please get the word out and please buy their books.

    THREE QUESTIONS with... Aquila Polonica's Terry Tegnazian - YouTube

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    Default Re: Poland hopes to ID WWII Witold Pilecki 's remains

    Thanks Tony for the complimentary post about Aquila Polonica publishing

    The Pilecki story is to be featured in a Discovery documentary that is currently in production and editing, so will keep everyone informed when it is due to be broadcast

    Three questions video by the Polish Embassy DC with The Auschwitz Volunteer translator Jarek Garlinski:

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    Default Re: Poland hopes to ID WWII Witold Pilecki 's remains

    Beyond bravery indeed.

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