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Searching for my hero relatives

Article about: Hi, my name is Kasha, and I am new here. I came on, because I have 3 relatives who all fought in the Polish Underground during the Warsaw Uprising. My mother was Maria Przytula aka Maryna or

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    ....I still wonder if there was a successful conclusion to this family research project?
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    As i have found there is never seems to be an ultimate successful conclusion to family history research, but lot of great info in the process. I did see her add that she put in one of the local papers in the UK.

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    We did find cousins!!!!!!!! We have three of them, all Barbara's kids! One lives in the UK in Knuttsford, and the other two live in the States. We are meeting them next Friday the 28th in Roanoake, VA for lunch. Very excited!!! We are meeting Babs and her husband Willy, and Jack and his wife Pam. My other cousin Jadwiga lives in Houston. Have not been in touch with her yet. She has been ill. I found them through calling cemeteries and funeral homes, and then got the address and phone from the paper. That was one expensive cell phone call!!! I found them on Feb 11th. We were shocked to find anyone, as we were told Barbara had no kids. And now we have three! Two of them also have kids. I have been in touch with those kids a bit. Will let you know how the lunch turns out. My sister and her family are coming to stay with me on Thursday, and then we will all make the 2 hour trek down together. My granddad lived Sao Paulo, and died around 1972. Barbara had kept in touch, but they stop hearing from him. If he died , they don't know when, as they never got a death notice. Not sure why the split occurred, except for the fact, that after the war, they all reunited in France. My granddad who was not very happily married to my grandmom, fell in love with a French woman. My grandma and uncle had already passed in the war. My mom did not approve, even though Barbara did. She apparently was a "daddy's girl". Anyway, Barbara and my grandpa Francis ended up in Scotland, and then from there he went to Brazil. he did marry the French lady. Not sure if he had a child or not. possibly a daughter. My mom married her first husband in UK, and they ended in north Africa. My brother was born then, and then after 11 years, my parents met. the rest is history. My mom totally separated from her family, and never even acknowledged the existence of her sister, even though they knew about her, my cousins that is. Anyway, my sister and I still think there maybe some other reason for this split, ie Jewish connection, but we may never know. Hoping the meeting will shed more light. I am a lot like my granddad it seems. I really look a lot like my mom's side of the family too. So, we made quite the discovery. Very exciting stuff. yes, we did put the article in the paper, and that helped.

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    How absolutely fantastic!! Congratulations Kasha, on reuniting with your "lost" family.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Great, when something like this pans out.

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    Thank you. It's quite the wild ride, I have to say. I do believe in her metaphysical way, my mom wanted us to reunite. It's also helped my older sister and I grow closer as siblings, which is the amazing thing. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding when she arrives Thursday night with her family!

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    yes, it is!

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    Whereabouts in North Africa did your mom and husband live? I lived in Libya for a number of years during the period when King Idris ruled.

    BTW I agree re metaphysical guidance
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    there you go guys a happy ending.

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    Hi, My name is Andrzej Przytuła and I am from Poland. In my family we also had Franciszek Przytuła and we dont know what happend with him. Im wondering if your grandfather is the brother of my grandfather. Could you tell me if you know of course, where was born your relative Franciszek? Because my was born near Nisko (more precisely Ułanów). We found out that he propably went to Brasil, on the ship which end travel in San Paulo. In our family was Maria Przytuła, she was the daughter of my grandfather (Wojciech Przytuła) but she was not born in Kalisz. I hope that you will find that messege

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