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Searching for my hero relatives

Article about: Hi, my name is Kasha, and I am new here. I came on, because I have 3 relatives who all fought in the Polish Underground during the Warsaw Uprising. My mother was Maria Przytula aka Maryna or

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    SPK is run by volunteers and veterans so may not man the phones full time or have someone to pick up emails as often.
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    Good to know. Hopefully I will hear something next week. My neighbor who speaks some Polish, is going to write a letter to the priest at the Manchester Polish Church. That may give some leads too.

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    There are quite a few books i have seen on the market about the NSZ and in particular in the Warsaw Uprising. Obviously they are all in Polish and i do not know if any translated version exist, but its always possible you might find Names, units and events mentioned in them you are looking for. I can only find one easy to get online at the moment.

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    oh awesome. thank you so much. I will look at it. My neighbor speaks Polish, and I can get him to translate for me. I did find out the info on why she got her VM medal. It was for extraordinary courage, leadership, and her goodness to people. It makes me proud to see these words, and I can believe it. That's who she was even later in life. My mom that is. She really was a hero of immeasurable strengths. If I could only be half of who she was, I would be happy!!!!
    oh, Dudek also wrote back, and gave me the name of a Catholic Church Organization that kept records of all marriages and deaths, so maybe Barbara is in there. I will follow up with an email later this evening, after I walk my 6 dogs!

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    I think I have a copy of this book also, but because your mother was with Krybar battle group she may not be mentioned in the book as it relates to NSZ units who took part in the Rising and Krybar was AK not NSZ such as Chorbry II which included AK as well as NSZ-AK, NSZ-ZJ and Miecz i Pług.
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    Do you also have a lot of info on your Grandfather also kasha?

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    my sister does. we know he ended up in brazil after the war, but not sure where, or what he did, or if he remarried, had any other kids etc.......many gaps. why????

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    Andrzejku already mentioned in a post he was in the 29 Pułk Strzelców Kaniowskich in which he was awarded a Silver Virtuti during 1918-20. This division was based in Kalisz where your Mother was born.

    In this picture of the same unit in 1933 on a site i found that is from someone's own family album there is an Chorąży Przytuła listed, i am not sure where but it is possible that your Grandfather Franiciszek is one of them and as he rank would suggest he is not a new recruit and also i think Przytuła i not a massively common surname.

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    Here is the link to where i found it. Unfortunately the photo does not expand to good quality, but if the owner can be contacted somehow im sure maybe at least you can try to organize some copy.

    Galeria: Historia kaliskiego Garnizonu - 29 pu

    Also very interesting is in the same photo is listed a Kpt. Dąbrowski who later was one of the Hero's of Westerplatte.
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    My granddad is in the 1 st row, third in from the right. I recognize him from another photograph that I have. How cool is that! This is the third photo I have seen of him.

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    he is on the ground, rather than seated.

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