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Searching for my hero relatives

Article about: Hi, my name is Kasha, and I am new here. I came on, because I have 3 relatives who all fought in the Polish Underground during the Warsaw Uprising. My mother was Maria Przytula aka Maryna or

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    His middle name was Ksawery.

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    I found it on a picture that I had of him on my back up file from my other computer. Does it match. please tell me it does Cenowski!!!!!!

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    Name: Franciszek Ksawery Przytula
    Event Type: Immigration
    Event Date: 1947
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Married
    Nationality: Poland
    Birth Date: 05 Nov 1900
    Birthplace: Kielce-Polonia
    Father's Name: Tomasz Przytula
    Mother's Name: Maria Przytula
    Traveling With Children: No
    Digital Folder Number: 004914466
    Image Number: 00050

    Searching for my hero relatives

    Is this him in the picture?

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    Obviously at some point he made his way to the uk. I also have a passenger list for a Franciszek Przytula entering the uk with some of the Polish Army and other allies leaving from Algiers in 1943 to Liverpool, one of the many ports Polish troops entered to get to British soil to regroup to the Polish Army in Exile.

    The Age and name roughly fits.
    Name: Franciszek Przytula
    Birth Date: abt 1901
    Age: 42
    Port of Departure: Algiers, Algeria
    Arrival Date: 24 Jul 1943
    Port of Arrival: Liverpool, England
    Ports of Voyage: Algiers
    Ship Name: Samaria
    Search Ship Database: View the 'Samaria' in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
    Shipping Line: Cunard White Star
    Official Number: 145923

    Searching for my hero relatives

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    Well done Cenowski
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Both are DEFINITELY HIM!!!!!!!!! Well done is right!!! We knew he went to Brazil, but, which city did he end up in, I wonder? Thank you so much again.

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    where did you find all of this Cenowski...this is so awesome!???

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    I just looked around all the Genealogical databases i have used myself and just went through anything they had. Google searching, Ancestry sites, all sorts of databases.

    You are lucky that such stuff exists, i have struggled to find certain things in my own research, especially photos.

    As you saw your Father is put as being from Kielce, and you have his parents names, so now you can even search further back looking at church records, if you can locate the exact place you can view church records even in the US on microfilm.

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    My sister was so excited to see these photos and info I sent her. She had an interesting point, and tell me your thoughts on this. So my sister thinks that the missing link maybe that our grand mother Eugenia, may have been Jewish, and maybe that is why the family split. Our granddad was Catholic for sure. We don't know anything about our grandmother though,, except a few basic facts. We are pretty convinced she died in an air raid in Warsaw. I have asked my sister for whatever little is known about her. I will ask our other friend on his thoughts about this. Were mixed marriages common back then?

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    Some existed for sure, although i would not say common. Unless there is any real evidence of that or it makes any sense then i would not say it is even worth thinking of it as a possibility.

    Your Grandfather is listed as Married when he has entered Brazil. This could be he does not know what happened to his Wife and didn't take widow status. This was usual if something happened in WW2 and there was no trail of missing person. I did not find his Wife in the immigration listing with same surname.

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