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Searching for my hero relatives

Article about: Hi, my name is Kasha, and I am new here. I came on, because I have 3 relatives who all fought in the Polish Underground during the Warsaw Uprising. My mother was Maria Przytula aka Maryna or

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    Default Searching for my hero relatives

    Hi, my name is Kasha, and I am new here. I came on, because I have 3 relatives who all fought in the Polish Underground during the Warsaw Uprising. My mother was Maria Przytula aka Maryna or Marina or Marynka. She was known as the "heart and soul of Poland", and is featured heavily in the Warsaw Uprising Museum. She was a nurse, a leader of a brigade, and a friend to all. I think she also delivered underground messages as well. She also was decorated with the Virtuti Militari. She was in 3 camps, Stalag16, Bergen Belsen, and one other. My grandfather was Francesk Pryztuli, and he was a career military officer, that fought in both world wars. He also was decorated with the Virtuti. He ended up in Brazil after the war. We wonder if we have cousins there too. My aunt Barbara also fought in the resistance, but I don't what she did exactly. She settled in Maccesfield, Cheshire, UK and married in 1948. Her married was Gorsicka. We don't know much else about her, and would like to find out if she had kids, and where they are today. She died in 1992. We know nothing about my uncle Zygmunt or my grandmother Eugenia. My mother passed away from cancer in 1989. My older sister has been doing research, but only knows things up till the end of the war. Now, we want to find out what happened after the war. My mother never spoke of her family. In fact, she told us they were all dead. So, we didn't know anything, until a couple of years ago, when my older sister went to Warsaw, and went to the Uprising Museum. Then we started to connect the dots. Personally, this makes me so sad that I never got to meet my family. I would have LOVED to have known them. I even was in school between 1979-84 in the UK, and never knew I had an aunt or cousins or anything. How sad is that? So please, if anybody knows anything, or any of this sounds even the least bit familiar, please send info my way. We are desperate. I have 3 siblings, two sisters, and a half brother. I also have a niece and a nephew. What a great gift this would be to all of us to now we do have family still. Our connection to our mother would still live on. Please help. I sure do miss my mama.

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    Greetings Kasha,

    I would advise trying to contact the SPP-PUMST archive in London for details they may have on your aunt Barbara as PUMST hold the verification records of former AK etc. There is meagre information in the Rising museum database: Barbara Przytula "Ada" born 1928-09-02 participated in the Warsaw Rising but not further information.

    Also from the Rising museum database which you will already have but may be of interest to others on the forum:

    Maria Przytula "Woroniecka" born Kalisz 1924-12-27
    Participation in the conspiracy, 1939-1944: Narodowe Siły Zbrojne (National Armed Forces)- Okręg I A Warszawa-Miasto. Rank of Senior Sergeant. Armia Krajowa - Grupa Bojowa (Battlkegroup) “Krybar” (Powiśle district) - pluton 1105 Kolumny Motorowej "Wydra". PoW no.141476. There were not many female combatants awarded the Virtuti Militaria during the Rising so would be interested to learn if you know the circumstances for which this obviously courageous woman received the order? Definitely a hero!!

    I also did a quick search of marriage records for "Gorsicka" 1947-49 but could not find a reference so maybe the name is misspelt, the dates incorrect or some other reason.

    Not really very much help I'm afraid.
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    So, I just got an email from my sister who said she had been to the PUMST center and library. She had got a lot of info on my mom, and had met a lady who apparently knew my mom back then, but when asked, didn't really elaborate much on their relationship, which was very disappointing. She knew her from the last camp they were in Oberlangen. I wonder if they would have much info on my aunt Barbara as well? She was much younger than my mom, at least 4 years. The correct date of our mom's birth was actually 1923. The above one is not accurate. There were three kids in her family of origin. My mom was the oldest, then came Zygmunt, who I think was born in 25/26, and then Barbara. We have those facts. We even know where they lived in Kalisz. What we don't know is what happened after the war, except for the basics, which I described earlier. A newspaper journalist from the town where Barbara died, Maccesfield, Cheshire, wants to do research, and help us find her. I gave her everything I had, and am hoping my sister, who has far more, plus all the original documents, will also contribute. So, that is where we are right now. Hoping to hear from the Catholic church too in Maccesfield. They may or may not have info, but I am truly hoping they do. I know the spelling of her last name, her married name is correct. I just simply can not find a thing on the internet about her. No death notices, obituaries, nothing. I checked the Cheshire death indexes....simply nothing. Very weird. What a long complicated jigsaw puzzle this is!

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    Do you think your aunt Barbara was also in the nationalist Narodowe Siły Zbrojne (National Armed Forces)?

    You could also try contacting the NSZ archives in Poland held at:

    Fundacja Centrum Dokumentacji Czynu Niepodleg

    There may be further information about your mother also.

    Very strange that your aunt cannot be found in Cheshire records? Have you searched the electoral records for Maccelsfield? Maybe she remarried and her name changed again?
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    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Pm sent

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    Hello Kasha,

    May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Forum, with regards to Barbara Gorsicka, I also could find nothing so with your information that Barbara had died in 1992 in Macclesfield.

    I have found the following information for you:

    Barbara Ludmila GROSICKA, Born on the 2nd September 1928, Died in October 1992 Aged 64, in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

    Barabara's death is recorded in Volume 35 Page 730.

    I also had a look for her family but could not find anything.

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help to you and your family.

    Best wishes


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    G'day Kasha and welcome. Have you searched the UK census online? You should be able to track down your Auntie fairly easily I would think and should then be able to find out the names of children etc....Good luck.

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    Hello again Kasha,

    Unfortunately the United Kingdom Census is only available upto 1911, no use for Barbara.

    With regards to Franciszek PRZYTULA, he was a St. Sierzant in the 29 PSK when awarded the Virtuti Militari silver cross Numbered: 650.

    Whilst Maria PRZYTULA was a Ochot with the AK when awarded the Virtuti Militari silver cross Numbered: 11686.

    Thats all that I could find I hope that it is of some use and help.

    Once again Best Wishes


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    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Good point. I have not tried either thing. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It feels so good to know that there are people out their who understand and want to help. I will ask my sister if she went to the site in Poland that you mentioned.

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