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Warsaw Uprising Museum

Article about: Sixty-nineth anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising this month. Many incredible photographs are to be found here: Plus a short bio of Eugeni

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    Sixty-nineth anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising this month. Many incredible photographs are to be found here:

    Plus a short bio of Eugeniusz Zenon Lokajski who documented the Warsaw Uprising!

    To commemorate this courageous but tragic event in Polish history I choose to focus on the inextinguishable Polish WILL to survive and overcome...

    ...the sacrifice made in that pursuit...

    Let us not forget the barbarism of the those evil empires that conspired together in their attempt to destroy Poland once again...

    Poles and Poland prevailed!! But at great cost.

    Warsaw Memorial for the Warsaw Uprising
    Warsaw Uprising Museum

    Grave of a Hungarian captain and six of his men that choose to fight alongside the Poles
    Warsaw Uprising Museum

    Hitler and his psychopaths tried to destroy Polish culture and memory by razing Warsaw and all of its monuments, museums, libraries universities and cultural icons...

    Warsaw Uprising Museum
    (not the first time...)

    Here are a few links to examples of what was lost and what survived:

    Planned destruction of Warsaw aka the Pabst Plan:
    Planned destruction of Warsaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Polish Museum and Library in Rapperswil

    The Zaluski Collection in Warsaw
    FYI France (sm)(tm) essai 10.2005c, The Zaluski Collection in Warsaw
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    In addition here are links for the web site plus the trailer to Warsaw 1935 a video reconstruction of what Warsaw looked like in the year 1935.

    Warszawa 1935

    The works on the film lasted almost four year. Authors used old photographs of the city available from private people as well as the State Archives of the Capital City of Warsaw. They reconstructed digitally the architecture, cars, and life on the streets of Warsaw back in the 1930’s.

    ‘We always wanted to create something special’, the producer, Tomasz Gomala, said in the interview, ‘It is the first time in the history, that somebody digitally reconstructed destroyed Warsaw. It has been a wonderful adventure and a challenge. It cost us a lot of work and sacrifice, however, despite the many adversities.(…) Pre-war Warsaw was a great unique place and a witness of many historical vents. No one had ever made ​​such an effort, which certainly was an extra motivation for us to work on that movie’.

    Plus there is an interview with director Tomasz Gomala on the English service of Polish Radio.

    Focus:: Warsaw 1935 - :: News from Poland

    I have downloaded both the trailer in mp4 format and radio broadcast in mp3 format and can email either if needed.
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    Very interesting info! Thanks for taking the time.

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    You're welcome Scout. I know that often posts here on War Relics are just that - relics of past wars that collectors obtain and then post pictures of - to show off their acquisitions and further knowledge of said items. I like to participate but at times lack the means to do so. Plus I much prefer when context is provided for what's shown.

    I'm not questioning anyone's motives - its just in my case I collect military weapons and related 'paraphernalia' and such Polish 'relics' can be hard to find in Canada and expensive (I also collect Finnish items and have more than Polish at this time) But my heritage is Polish Ukrainian so I'm drawn back to Poland and the Eastern Front.

    There is a lot of Central and Eastern European history to be learned and understood to avoid repeating the same outcomes in the future. Not sure if this is being done by those who govern us.

    Long story short - recent online exchanges that I've had with one of the moderators here plus discussions in another forum and online searches for previously existing Polish web sites has raised concerns that: knowledge of the past is felting - especially online as post can be deleted, links broken, web sites disappear and the contents of such are lost; is there a need to better document what we post on War Relics for future generations knowledge and try to ensure that such knowledge will remain available?

    Hitler and others of the same ilk wanted to erase the existence of the Poles in the present, the history of the Poles in the past, and the presence of Poles in the future. Other leaders and those who follow them have tried to do this to other nationalities. This is what we must remain vigilant against.

    I welcome and hope we have conversation about how this can be done. I have been thinking about some voluntary guidelines for the inclusion of information for pics that are posted here in the forum. Also I'm wondering if perhaps we need a discussion forum within the Polish Forums group for those that would like to further discuss and express opinions and exchange information outside of the threads that 'sparked' such discussions.

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